McAndrews Road Relays Preview

I have just realized that the first race of this year, the McAndrews Road Relay is in less than a week! I have run this race several times but this year its in a whole new place so I scouted out the course using MapMyRun and google maps. 

Course with km markers

Course elevation graph
Actually, I'm excited. It looks like a course made for running swiftly- mostly flat with a gradual decline to finish. I'm going to attempt around 28 minutes for my return to fitness! I can only improve ;-). There seems to only be one toughish hill up Hallydown Dr.

The one issue with this race is that it is a relay. I missed my start one year and my coach never truly forgave me for it. I will NOT do that one again in a hurry! Hopefully the club will place me in a slow team...


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