4 Weeks, 3 Races, 1 Plan

Way to make it sound dramatic, huh? Basically coming up in the next 4 weeks I have 3 races (what?! No way! I never would have guessed that from the title!). In an effort not to completely embarrass myself, and perhaps get a little better at running, I have devised myself a lovely plan to achieve this and get fitter at the same time.

Basically there should be one or two mid length runs in a week (5 or 6 miles), a sprint session (could be hills or flats) and two smaller efforts. There are also a few strength workouts placed in. The legend is to the right because I'm just supahhh organised like that. I think it might be a bit run heavy, and I may need to cut back if I'm feeling tender. Otherwise, I've had my S.O. sign off on it, and he's the one who's been running for 15 years ;-)!

As you can see the races are a 4k cross country at Bellahouston Park- a local race here; the 3 mile Braids Hill Race in Edinburgh, which I've heard can be pretty challenging (so need to make one of those sessions a hilly one!); and the Scottish Student cross country Champs in Aberdeen, which is pretty long for a girl's cross country!

I'll be updating this weekly, noting what the sessions were (that's why the mileage is the aggregate of the normal runs plus any potential distance), and noting if I completed everything and how I feel. So far I have done the TBW strength and the 3 mile run (although I will NEVER run with a backpack on again). I'll also be putting up race reports, the reason there's not one up now is that this weekend I was sadly too ill to run cross country at Cumbernauld :(


What do you think of the plan? Any recommended changes?

What is your current training plan?


  1. Looks well balanced to me, the addition of core and strength is probably something I should bother with more often!

    1. The one thing I've realised that I might change is that I'm jumping from 3 runs a week to 5... So might cut one of them! And there are sometimes 6 run days on race weeks too. Perhaps a bit ambitious and I can replace with some swimming :)

  2. I think someone likes Excel (it does rock to be fair), and all the nice pastel colours it has ;) I like that you've got Total Badass Warriorness workouts in there too...

    1. Dude excel is DA BOMB (ish). Obviously, Total Badass Warriorness workouts are a requirement :)! But also good for strength training yadda yadda blah blah blah.