MacAndrew Road Relay 2013


Plus points:
I learned LESSONS and got a benchmark for improvement. 
I am definitely not injured anymore (but I should keep my eye on some niggles).
I enjoyed it.
I ran an excellent sprint finish with forefoot landing and not a heel strike in sight.
The new course is much better than the previous one.
And, thrillingly, I was in exactly the right place for my start as runner 3 (more on this later).

Minus points:
I was rubbishy slow (31.01, pace 9.04).
Ergo, I am definitely not fit.
I psyched myself out at some point and convinced myself to take a short walk break I didn't need. 

So the MacAndrew Road Relays was on Saturday. It was an excellent day team-wise: met some fab new people including R, the single most supportive and total 'team player' that I've ever met.

The race has been active for many many years (just looked it up... 74yrs!) its a 3 person or 4 person (f/m) road relay frequented by the clubs of the Glasgow and wider area. Our team does it every year.

So, as already stated I'm not yet really fit to race. But I completed it and learned a few things. Mainly, my legs need more speed work as they ran out of steam and refused the pace long before my lungs did. I also went off too fast. I always do! Additionally, I psyched myself out at some point and took a little walk break I didnt need- I must learn to just accept the pain train!

My legs felt fine the whole way around, there were no ITBS flares despite some initial worry pre-race (I think I get nervous tension in the legs and immediately assume they'll fall off).  After the race I do have tight calves that I will need to keep an eye on and a few pressure points in the legs- will get me some good stretching ASAP.

My sprint finish was rather beautiful (probably had too much energy still in the tank) and I was pleased to see my form stayed relatively intact despite fatigue. I have a tragic habit of dropping low in posture when tired and heel striking something chronic.

I haven't been to this race since before I hurt my knee in 2010. On that particularly smashing year... I missed my start. I was very keen to avoid the same error this time and was initially intending to be first runner. However, I was actually placed final leg on the C team.The good news is that the new race set up had an EXCELLENT change over set up- with space to warm up whilst waiting and clear shouting to warn the next runner that their teammate was on their way. Extra nerves were added as runner 2 on my team had never run a race before and had no expectation of her pace (she did great- 26 minutes or so) so I fell on the side of caution and was at the changeover by about 18 minutes into her leg.

Overall, A GOOD DAY.


Racing this weekend? How did you do if so?

Lots of my friends ran the large Glasgow half marathon in town. Two of the guys in our team ran a 1.16 and a 1.27! Phew!


  1. Love that pic of your sprint finish! Awesome stuff.

    1. It was a good finish but a rubbish race! Oh well, more races in my future for sure :)

  2. Awesome pic!! Well done!

    1. Thanks for commenting! Yeah its a nice picture but I do look a bit 'curvy' for my tastes ha ha. Need to bin those crisps...