Sum Up Saturday 2 (Ahem, it might be Sunday now...)

Sunday: Nadda- I was at my wee nana's 80th birthday party so was preoccupied most of the day.
Monday: Total Body Workout. Hard as ever.
Tuesday: 4 miles with my friend W, who is doing the Glasgow Half this weekend.
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: 3 miles in the thrashing rain- AMAZING run. I love 'biblical' weather

Friday: Rest in preparation for Saturday
Saturday: McAndrews Road Relays; More to follow on this! Its about 5.5k. It was starting and ending at the Scotstoun Stadium.

Total: Approx 10-11 miles.

Other news: Finally picked up offroad/xc/fell shoes! Meet my new lovers:

Today will also be a zero, I'm off to wish my younger brother well on his voyages to Canada as he finally has a work visa. Christmas is going to feel really quiet...


  1. Those new shoes are THE shizz. Very pretty. Hope your relays went well!

    1. Thank you! I look forward to seeing your new off-roaders too ;-)