Active Bucket List

Welcome to my Active Bucket List! It's exactly as it sounds- a list of physically active things I'd like to do in my lifetime. It also helps reinforce the idea that being physically active is a choice and a privilege. Yes, its also ideal for optimal health, but I am very privileged to be able to get my exercise in as fun as opposed to, for example, hard physical labour (more on this idea here).

So without further ado...

Hike Up Half Dome

I'd love to hike half dome. I've been to Yosemite and hiked many of the other trails but I wasn't with the ideal group to tackle half dome with. I'm sure I'll be back in California though, and I'm sure I will do it one day. 

A picture I took of sunset on half dome when I was in Yosemite.

Outdoor Rock Climbing

In the past, I have climbed and bouldered indoors. I'd love to do it outdoors too but that will take more practice and developing a group I can climb with! One for the future for sure.

Try Muay Thai

Muay Thai really appeals to me and I'm not sure why. I just prefer the idea of it to many other martial type fighting arts, perhaps because it has less ceremony.

Complete a Marathon

Now, I have zero inclination to do this one But one day I'd like to do a nice marathon, for charity, ideally in a nice time.

Complete a Triathlon (Olympic distance or further)

Olympic distance is a manageable effort, especially for someone so poor a swimmer as I. Again, this may have to be a future effort. Triathlon can be very expensive for 20-somethings!

Learn to Snowboard passably

I can ski pretty well but I can't board. And boarding is cooler, lets not lie. Plus I love snow sports.

Do a 10k under 50 min

This is my main goal for running currently. It will take me a while but this is the dream in my mind at the moment ;-).

Do a 24 hour race

I just want to experience the camaraderie, and the sensation of putting in some serious distance without actually doing some kinda ultra or something so serious.

Be Able to do Pull-Ups

Even just One Measly Pull Up.

Try Surfing

Woo, radical dudeeeeeeeeeeee. In my dreams I'm Ivy from 90210. Surfing is therefore a natural want from me, so I can pretend I'm a world pro sponsored by Roxy and that I have naturally sun bleached wavy locks... 


Run with my Dog

Now this one sounds rather easy. But its more to emphasize that I really want a dog. But, as a future responsible pet owner I know I cannot have a dog. Because I do not have the time or space to truly spoil a hound. I grew up with dogs (my parents still have a dog but hes too elderly for this running lark) and inevitably I will eventually fulfill this wish.  


What would be on your Active Bucket List?


  1. Some amazing active bucket list things right there - Got a few the same as mine on there!

    Definitely get out and try surfing, I did a surf and yoga course in July and I absolutely loved it - It was damn hard at times and I had a few strops when I kept getting battered by the waves but when I got standing up I was loving it.


    1. Thanks Emski :) I just checked out yours and we DO have a lot of overlap, guess great minds think alike... ;-)

      Thanks for the advice about surfing! In regards to your list- Go Ape is superb fun and scuba diving is incredible, its like being in another world.

      Thanks for commenting!

  2. Ooh brilliant active bucket list! Agree with Emski - get some surfing done! Can get some lessons for about £20 including hire when you're next in Cornwall!! LOVE surfing!!

    1. You've convinced me! Although I've never been to Cornwall but maybe I should soon! :)