Joys of the Internet and the 30 Day Shred

So far I have run exactly 4 miles in 2014. Way to go, lady. Show them how its done! Particularly as British Uni Cross Country is a mere 23 days away... IN my defence I have been pretty tragically busy at work.

I've recently been trying to do more strength training because, vanity to support my running and to be all around fit. I thought I might try ol' Jillian's very popular 30 Day Shred to throw myself back into strength training. My reasons for this are excellent:

  • Its now available online
  • My S.O. wakes me up when he gets up to go to work, leaving me with a spare half hour
  • This program is coincidentally 27 minutes long
  • I hate my downstairs neighbours, so the star jumps and burpees will be fun at 6am*

From L>R Cassey Ho, Carly Rowena and Neila Rey. Pictures are from respective individual's own sites
Its crazy now how many online fitness resources people have access to. There are several excellent Youtube accounts, and short programmes everywhere. Some of my favourite resources for strength routines for 'busy people' (I like to sound important) are Blogilates, CarlyRowena and Neila Rey. Cassey from Blogilates is endlessly cheerful but don't be fooled- her workouts are exceptionally hard. She's also very body positive and very strong when her body is criticised and I admire that. Carly and her boyfriend (Leon Busty- more male centred fitness blogger) are both PTs. She's matter of fact, clear and focuses well on form. There are workouts on her Youtube which are only 10 minutes long or less. Neila Rey is a new discovery for me and has very little personal content, but I really like her strength sets and actually the way she graphically presents them.

There are also a huge amount of blogs by physios which have excellent information on injury, dynamic warm-up and so on (these are also a little more male-friendly as I appreciate both Blogilates and CarlyRowena are targeted to a female market). For injury and body dynamic information, I really like Kinetic Revolution.

Additionally, Twitter has become a huge resource for me. I'm mutual 'followers' with some really cool runners. Some I've met IRL, some I haven't. They're all an ace source of inspiration, advice and humour. Side note: A friend from the 'real world' saw my blog today and was really nice about it, so thanks to him.

So far my plan for this week is was to run today but I'm still in my office. Instead I will run some miles tomorrow + 30 Day Shred Day 1; run Thursday with a friend + Day 2; Day 3 on Friday along with some yoga I've been planning to do for weeks now; Day 4 on Saturday; and a longer (not going to say long, just LONGER) run on Sunday + Day 5. By the end of the week I expect to weigh 110 pounds and be in hospital from exhaustion.


What are your favourite online fitness information/support sites? Link me up!

* I don't really hate them. I have no idea who they are. Our building is huge and disorganised. This does mean they cannot hunt me down if I do wake them though... 


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