Superteams 2014

For the yearly Health and Well-being week at the University of Glasgow, the sport and recreation services/GUSA hold a SUPERTEAMS competition. Its a mixed competition of Cardio, Power, Speed/Agility, Strength and Reaction Time challenges. These are the events involved (in bold are events I did):

2 min row: I did 475 in the time given. Passable! Self explanatory technique.
5 min cycle: A couple of our girls and a few of the guys were AMAZING at this. The best I think someone did was 6. something km.
Swimming (4x50): I need to get back to swimming, this was appalling.

I'm on the last rower, with my team captain encouraging me- great motivations guys! Photo from GUSA fb page

Wingate Test: Only supermen and superwomen did this, looked tough! Its a measure of peak power I think.
Vertical Jump Test: Surprisingly hard! I tried it as a squat jump. Its cool equipment though- works by calculating how long you're off the ground.

505 Test: This is basically a sprint out and turn and back but all timed so the key is to turn fast.
T-Test: I didn't do this one but basically you run straight out, then to each side in a side step to form the tee then run backwards e.g. facing forward but running back.

Tug of War: We were appalling at this and were eliminated from the tournament straight away. Then again some of the boys on other teams were bigger than like 3 of us combined.

Catching test: Hahahaha there was no way I was up for this, my catch is terrible. Basically a tennis ball machine throws balls at you, you have to catch them and throw them in a bucket. You get 6 goes, most people only caught one or less. The only one of us who was good at this does cricket.

We competed as two 6-person teams; with 3 men and 3 women per team. To be honest I was pretty nervous, suspecting I'd be shredded by the end and concerned about my total lack of a gun show. By afterwards I was wishing I'd got to do more as it was great fun. We were all knackered from BUCS the day before (and we were last...) but it was still fun! I later chatted to sports and Rec staff, who suggested individual event prizes for next year. I think that's a great idea as it gives a chance to celebrate individuals who have specific talents.

Blurry team photo- ace free tee shirts though (technical fabric too!)

A side note (I seem to love making small notes about less nice things): during this competition there was one event which was clearly to the advantage of one particular team. To make a comparison it would have been as if one of the events was a 10K cross country for us. I was seriously unimpressed by one of the members of that team, as when it became expressedly obvious that they would win that event, they began larking about and making a mockery of the attempt. I appreciate they were having a laugh but its hugely unsporting. Yeap, you're good at it. Its your sport, you train in it all the time. Respect that the same criteria doesn't apply to others. 


  1. That sounds brilliant fun!! Well done!! Love all the Superman tees!

    1. Thanks for commenting! They were so great- 5 quid entry and proper tech tees? SOLD.