Short Post/Updates

Sorry for the unplanned hiatus in the blog world. Sadly we had a family tragedy in the last few weeks so the real world got a bit too real (exercise and running also hit the back burner so I had nothing to write about).

Now I'm back exercising and trying to get some consistency back in my running too. And to get some much needed consistency back in my nutrition and life, I'm starting a pictures tag on this blog called What I Ate Weekly or WIAW from next week. Which will be updated with the summary on Sundays.

I'm also planning to try out Crossfit this weekend so there will be details on that too! Something new to experience at the very least. 


  1. Sorry to hear you've had a hard time recently. Looking forward to your next post and crossfit updates. x

    1. Thanks :) In the words of Kelly, what doesnt kill us makes us stronger eh? Maybe not now but in the future! x