My Top Guilty Pleasure Running Songs


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So, I often see running playlists. And they're often very cool- full of chart dance, obscure rap and obscure indie tracks. Now, I'm going to be honest with you. I'm not that cool. So here is a true list of deeply dorky songs that I love to run to:

Sir Mix A Lot: Baby Got Back

Look, I got back. I like to run along and pretend Sir Lot is singing about ME pounding the pavements. Also helps when doing hills, where I think it fulfills the term 'aspirational'...

Justin Bieber: One Time

Look, JB is clearly a plonker. Everyone can see that after SpitGate. But there is the odd decent song. And this is one of them. The back and forward beat is nice to run to. Also, since it was released before he was such a dick, I like to think I'm supporting the young JB. However, I also like to think that no 12 year old actually calls girls 'shorty' like he does in this song.

Avril Lavigne: Complicated

This makes me- and my knees- feel young again. Its laughable that shes telling the subject of the song what life is about when this song most spoke to me when I was 17. No 17 year old has a dang CLUE. But its catchy and is like shouting at someone. And lets face it, sometimes we all use running to 'shout' at someone physically. Also... who crashes a mall? How does one ever crash a mall since malls are open to anyone and not invite specific?

Madison Avenue: Don't Call Me Baby

This is so damn 90s it is actually killing me. Its another sassy, sashaying* kind of a song. But also quite sarcastic. I like my ladies sarcastic, which is probably why I like this song. I also like that it's basically saying, "We're totally cool with casual sex, so don't assume we wouldn't be. We're actually too much for you".

Toploader: Dancing in the Moonlight

Really does make me feel like I'm at a summer party dancing in the moonlight, feeling warm and bright etc. I'm sorry, but this just makes me happy. It isn't clever, it isn't complex. but it does the job. My teen self would also like to know what they 'get' everynight. She will then snigger and go beetroot red.

Venga Boys: The Venga Bus

Full disclaimer: I also run to Going to Ibiza and Sex on the Beach. Yeap. There we go. You may now leave this blog never to return. I wouldn't go to a gig of theirs. But I will run my heart out to them. If there's nothing so complicated in their lives as: getting on a bus, to get a plane, to Ibiza, and then have sex on a beach, then that's the life I want when running. Perhaps with less sand in uncomfy places.

R Kelly x Phoenix: Ignition (1901 Remix)

A bonus one that isn't actually uncool at all. My S.O. showed me a clip of these two artists doing a mash up at Coachella so I hunted down the recorded mash up version online and downloaded it. See? I even know what Coachella is, I am THAT fly.**

Okay, fess up, whats the most embarrassing song you exercise to? And which of the above do you judge me most for? 

PS: A ton of these videos give me such joy. SO cheesy.

* The dictionary definition of sashay is fab-u-lous, Def 1) "walk in an ostentatious yet casual manner, typically with exaggerated movements of the hips and shoulders". Def 2) "perform the sashay".
** No one who says fly is fly. That is a straight up law.


  1. Urgh I hate dance music at the best of times, if I take my iPod running I like songs that I just sing along to in my head & forget where I am. My favourite is probably You & Me by the Delays as once it really gets going I like to match the beat. Also partial to Green Light by John Legend & JT's SexyBack. Pretty much every other song on there is Cat Empire!

    1. Thanks for your comment! The Delays are indeed good, and I do listen to music a lot more varied that the above. The runner in me just seems to be a 90s teen!

  2. JB and Avril should not be things you fess up to.

    Then again, I rock out to Brooke Candy, so I feel like I need to bathe in bleach when I get in.

    1. As in they're too good or too bad :P? I didn't know who Brooke Candy was so I googled her and she has some... interesting fashion choices!

  3. Can't beat a bit of Venga Boys. I'm also partial to some Spice Girls and One Direction when I'm on the treadmill.

    1. Haha Spice Girls will be [Viva] FOREVER in fashion. x

  4. Love this post!! I have Avril on mine ... I may also have the Waybaloo theme (by accident of course) I'm just waiting for someone to release the dance version and then I will be a happy little runner. I also may have Aqua on my run list. Did I just admit that on the internet? Eeek!

    1. We have to be honest on the internet or it will just be full of people portraying perfect lives!

      On a less serious note- Aqua are on the exact same level as Vengaboys, and that level is awesome.