When Good Runs Go Bad

The alarm goes off. Its 6.50 am and you've promised to meet a friend to once again do a few miles then tackle a hill version of the stairs. You've had a tough week, and an exciting but strenuous weekend. You didn't sleep well enough last night. You feel like you've been run over by a truck.

You pull on your running gear and sit, sipping water in your dark living room, staring into space. Your phone has a conspicuous lack of messages so you text your partner in crime, 'still up for the run?'. You already know it- shes slept in.


You battle your inner bed demon, whispering seductive things about warm pillows. But you go for it. You wrench yourself to standing and out of your front door with your headphones in. You throw on something ballsy sounding and club-like and vaguely try to convince yourself you are bad ass.

Outside your front door it appears that the sky is leaking. A lot, actually. And it only started as you walked out. Uncanny timing of ye weather gods. Eejits.

You start a shuffling jog and immediately realise you have a cold. Unsure how you didn't spot that before but there is snot everywhere and a good amount of phlegm seems to be blocking your airways. Every breath is a struggle. Hmm. Every traffic light between you and the park is red when you hit it. An old lady tuts at your shorts. It feels like this entire city is taking the piss.

You make it round your couple of crappy, shuffling miles and hit the hill. And just stare at it. You do one burst up and down, then 20 squats. You might die. You stare back up the hill with the sort of bleak desperation usually reserved for characters in apocalyptic films and you think..

"Ah, f*ck it, I'll go to supercircuits tonight".

Adding insult to injury- by the time you get home there's no time for more sleep. Goddamnit!


When did your run last beat you?


  1. "... vaguely try to convince yourself you are bad ass" Ha! I'm familiar with that tactic :)

    1. Yeap, 'hurr I am strong woman... honest. I can erm, really do this dang workout! I am like an amazo... Sod it, I'm off home'.

      ^ My mental state

      Thanks for commenting!

  2. Love this post!! And have had runs just like this!! There's usually a stone in my shoe and chafey underwear too!

    1. Thank you! Yeah ha ha, I had on french knicks for some idiotic reason so there also wasn't a HUGE comfort factor...