BUPA Women's 10K and Recovery

Okay the women's 10K blew. I just wasn't in it. Full disclosure: despite a fine course and reasonable training, I ran a 1.04. Which is pathetic (not in general, just for me, the only competition is against yourself).

Why did it suck?
  • Was under-prepared and under-hydrated for unseasonably hot weather. 
  • Did not bring my mental game. See excuses central. 
  • Went out far too fast- stuck with the 50 min pacer for 2K despite being nowhere near 50min pace trained. 
  • Was not properly recovered from Dumyat- tight calves and Achilles tendon area, didn't loosen up until about 7K. Also meant a fair bit of stop and stretch. 
  • Had some shoe issues- could not tie them to get them comfortable and they seem to now be lacking padding they had before, maybe getting a bit old. Felt a lot of impact etc.
Lovely picture of S, not so great of me. 
Now? Now I'm disappointed, and my Achilles hurt, and my heel on my right side has a really painful pressure point. I had a quickie free massage after the race and that masseuse said that my calves were indeed tight, especially the left one (biiiiiiiiiiiiiig surprise, left leg you are my nemesis). I think I'll take most of this week off running and go back to it in Cyprus next week (holiday!). Do some strength this week or something. Some tabata workouts. Perhaps go the whole hog and stretch and foam roll or something. Should be fair.


  1. What a shame you didn't enjoy the race, but onwards and upwards, there will be more amazing races for you! I also did the race, my first ever 10K. I really enjoyed it, despite never having run more than 5k. My training just didn't really happen. I have already vowed to train properly for the great scottish run. The thing that upset me about the race was getting my trainers covered in mud at the end!

    Anna x

    1. Oh my gosh the mud was RIDICULOUS. My trainers had to go through the wash cause they were soaked and smelled drastic!

      Im also doing the GSR, so hopefully be well trained by then. Be warned- its a lot hillier!

      Thanks for commenting x

  2. Sorry you had a tough race ... but it means you used up your Bad-Race-For-The-Year and the rest of them will be AWESOME!! The weather doesn't kow what to do with itself at the moment - so difficult to be prepared in a race as you don't know whetehr you'll boil or freeze!! So envious that you're going to Cyprus!! I went last year and it was AMAZING!! There's a brilliant path along the seafront for miles and miles! Have a WONDERFUL time!!

    1. Haha thank you, is this an excellent point- all races must now be excellent!

      Yeah for sure, I'd assumed I'd be cold in a vest and it was insanely boiling.

      Thanks for the tips re Cyprus- you'll see it on the blog for sure!

  3. Gotta have a bad one to really appreciate the good ones! You have plenty of those to come :)