Hiking Stùc a' Chroin for Dad's Birthday

Looking left towards Beinn Each- the peak to the west of Stùc a' Chroin.
The same view, further upwards.

On Sunday my dad and I climbed Stùc a' Chroin in the southern Scottish Highlands. My dad is exactly the kind of outdoors lover for whom a hike sounds IDEAL on his birthday. He'd never done this Munro, so we went to bag him another. I'm also counting this as my first adult conscious Munro too. We climbed the longer ascent route from below Arivurichardich.

And looking East towards Ben Vorlich

Stùc a' Chroin was for us a relatively easy hike- lots of it is just gorgeous but relentless upwards movement. You start at a car park in the middle of nowhere, go along the valley then up into the col between the two, then across the ridge onto Stùc a' Chroin proper. The rest us upward hills, then nearer the top it has a rocky, scramble on the summit hump.

Rolling green hills on the banks of Beinn Each
Looking down towards the Keltie water.
Dad, having a smiley moment. 

At the summit we were engulfed in cloud and unfortunately unable to see anything at all. But we did see many mysterious bearded figures in the mist. Turned out to be mountain goats. Sadly we couldn't get close enough for a decent shot. We also saw a few deer cavorting on the hills below us.

Stùc a' Chroin also has two summit cairns- if you climb it, the one nearest the route from Arivurichardich (and therefore furthest from the route from Ben Vorlich) is the correct one, its officially one whole metre higher up!

Here we also stopped for some lunch and took a cheeky wee selfie and a few other shots.

Looking back towards the Stùc a' Chroin summit mound on the way back down.

That view from further away. Cloud now cleared. Damn.

We would have done Ben Vorlich also if we had realised we wouldn't take as long as anticipated on this hike- from the summit its possible to cut across the other ridge and onto Ben Vorlich, but it would have been a longgg valley walk back to our car! So if/when we do Ben Vorlich we will likely approach from the other side.

The hike as a whole is approximately 10.5 miles, and took us 4.5 hours. The peak is 975m/3198 ft total. Its a really nice one, and had us thinking of doing it in winter when its snow bound. One word of warning- there's a river crossing on the path from Arivurichardich, from which there is now no bridge. Its pretty hard to cross currently, despite the river being very low. So I can't imagine how difficult it may be at high water/potentially impossible. If you go climb this peak, prepare to have wet feet.


Are you into hill walking/hiking? What is your favourite summit?

Have you bagged any Munros?


  1. Wow! Love these photos! Glad you and your Dad had a brilliant hike on his birthday!!

    1. Thanks Sarah! Was nice to spend some quality time together, we literally saw no other human beings until back in Callander! Very quiet too when the cloud came down. A bit eerie with all the beardy sheep!

  2. What a brilliant way to spend your Dad's birthday with him :) awesome

  3. Aww, I love the photos, and it looks gorgeous- what a great way to share your Dad's birthday with him!

    1. Hopefully he enjoyed it! Thanks for your comment :)