Eating Out Healthily in Glasgow: Zizzi Ristorante

There are three Zizzis in Glasgow- two in the city centre and one in the west end. Its long been a favourite for reasonable pricing, calm and open restaurant decor, and tasty Italian food. But Zizzis is also excellent for anyone health conscious- there are numerous healthy options available. I was at Zizzis yesterday evening with my aunt.

I ate... Skinny Pizza Bufala with bufala mozzarella, slow roasted and plum tomatoes, basil and rocket on wholewheat pizza base. My aunt ate... the Spiedini Pescatore, which is a skewer of prawns, salmon, sea bream, peppers and courgette.  

Images from their menu website. My pictures failed to do it justice.

Was it expensive?

Nah, its not expensive. Most pizzas are under £12, many under £10. The dish I ate was £9.35, my aunt's was £14.25 and we also had a money off voucher that you can get from their website. Its also easy to get a deal or use the set menus (lunch, anytime, and dinner set menus are available).

What else was on offer?

Many, many healthy options. Zizzi does healthy pizzas (under 500kcal with a salad), notes things under 600kcal on its menu, and has a large salad range. The things under 600 are also not JUST salad, which is nice, they also include meat and fish mains and meat and fish skewers. Even one pasta and one risotto makes it.

I also think noting things under a calorie count is a nice way to do it, as it allows you to keep an eye on calories without having the blank number staring you in the face from every menu item (put it this way- no one needs to know the calories in Chocolate Tartufo or in a calzone). They also note for vegetarian dishes, although it may be hard to eat there if you are vegan (lots of cheese...), and do gluten free pasta.

What did I think?

I made no secret that I really like Zizzi, its a constant option for me when eating out. Nice bright atmosphere, staff usually lovely, very tasty food.

Admittedly we also had a delicious, but much less healthy, Gorgonzola fondue type starter... its all about balance, right?!

To clarify: No one paid me anything in any way, nor was I encouraged, to write about this place. 


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