Sunday Summary w/b 18/08/14

At any time, you can see what I have planned for the week above on the diary tab, but I'm also aiming to summarise on Sundays (not great that this is a day late already...). Last week I did the following:

Monday: Successfully did the Clydeside bridges run, roughly 4 miles. Was quite nice and had some sprint blocks worked into it across the bridges. 
Tuesday: Was meant to go to SuperCircuits (exactly as it sounds, 1 hour of circuits hell) but ended up working too late to go. So unplanned rest day. 
Wednesday: Went to Meta Box and also went a run. Can't really remember this run at all. Am sure it was fine in that case? Think my watch died and that's why. No... wait... did the bridges this day... Cause' I wouldn't shut up about how lovely it was to the colleague I went boxing with. So I guess Monday was the meh, whatever, run? I think it was about 3 miles anyway. 
Thursday: Climbing at the GCC again for roughly 2.5 hours. Loved it again, did more overhang work, and some work using only my hands or feet on holds. Tough on the hands and shoulders!
Friday: Went a lunchtime run with a friend, 5 miles and it was a nice catch up. Pretty slow but good. 
Saturday: Planned rest as I was helping my mum move.
Sunday: Unplanned rest as the move spilled over into Sunday. I probably needed the rest as last night I slept 13 hours. Fell asleep at 7pm! Moving is knackering. 

So all in all, not the best and not the worst. Just need to plan better around life. 12 miles or so run.


What did you do last week? (exercise or life chat wise)


  1. I crashed sleep wise at the end of this week too, I just couldn't get enough! Sounds like you've had a fab week. I went to spin for the first time in years this week and I loved it, I don't know why I left it so long, I'm booked on for another class on Friday!

    1. Thanks for commenting! You know Ive never done spin? Is it worth a go? The week was okay, but hoping this week is better!



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