The Glasgow Commonwealth Games

So, on Friday I was at the COMMONWEALTH GAMES. We had tickets to the Friday 1st August evening athletics session at Hampden Park from 6pm to 10.30pm. My darling S.O., because he is a lucky chancer, actually had tickets for 4 whole nights. Well jealous.

Firstly, we were lucky to get absolutely amazing seats, that weren't even top tier price. We somehow managed to be in between the company representatives and other non-competing athletes- not sure how this happened as there were absolutely no other 'normals' in our section. We had a great view of the track including finish line to our right, and of the pole vault and the range of the javelin/shot put. The only things we had a not-so-great view of were triple jump, which was on the exact opposite side of track, and high jump, which was quite far away from us.

Our seats- spot all the surrounding company lanyards
We had a great mix of events- some short fast stuff, some longer range and some field events too. We essentially mostly watched the track, and looked up to the pole vault whenever we heard a drum roll for a jump. Pole vault seems impossibly chancy based on just how your pole chooses to bend!

Women's 4x400m
The women's 400m was pretty pacey- I seem to remember someone falling back a lot because of a fumbled handover. 

Men's 4x100m- the blurred man is Bolt
We saw both the women's and men's 4x100m heats. The crowd of course went absolutely wild when Bolt showed up. I dunno, I'm not sold. He's an exceptional athlete (in this heat Jamaica were behind when he started running, and his catch up to win looked utterly effortless) but he sure knows how to play to a crowd. He sometimes reminds me of the song 'you're fit, but my god don't you know it'.
Men's 10K
The men's 10K was TIGHT- could not believe they had a photo finish on a 10K race! The last 100m was a proper race (despite overall pace being pretty low) and Kipsiro (Uganda) pipped Betts and Levins to the post. The Welsh competitor in this race ended up a full lap behind everyone, but got this beautiful, Mexican-wave-style Hampden Roar- which followed him the full 360 degrees round the track. I loved that, to me getting behind the underdog is exactly the spirit of Glasgow. 

Men's 3K steeplechase
I actually loved the steeplechase. Pretty early on it was between the two Kenyans. Its interesting to watch how the jumps change as people get tired. 

3K Steeplechase

Women's 800m

The women's 800m has to be one of the highlights- when Sharp took silver the crowd went WILD. I actually felt quite sorry for the girl who won (Sum, of Kenya)- to listen to the crowd you'd assume Sharp had! But that's the benefit of a home crowd!
Women's 100m hurdles
The hurdles were over in the blink of an eye, but really cool to watch. There was a surprising lack of knock downs. Pearson was ecstatic. We also saw Michelle Jenneke do her 'signature dance'. That lady knows her audience

Then on Sunday I had absolutely front row seats to the cycling, thanks to my work department being right on the course. I had already watched the women's race at home. It was really exciting to watch Kennaugh's bid to hold the front, and Geraint Thomas' eventual win felt really well deserved, given his struggle with tyres. I can't believe how fast the field cut down in the challenging conditions- the eventual finishing list was a shadow of the starters!

Kennaugh on the 5th or so lap out front.

There is loads more I could say about the games, as there were so many exciting moments in athletics that I didn't see (for example Rudisha's loss over 800m- I just wanted to hug him, or Childs' silver at the 400m hurdles). There were also a lot of sports that I just don't watch- I hear Scotland did very well in Judo, for example. There's a great round up of big moments in the games from BBC Sport here, if you're interested. 


Did you watch/go see any of the Commonwealth Games?

What were the highlights for you?


  1. I'm pretty bummed I didn't get any Commonwealth tickets, but I have pretty much been glued to the TV watching everything! Managed to catch the men's road race on the ferry yesterday, and I said, "Man, how much would it suck to get a puncture right about now," about a minute before Thomas got a puncture. Nail-biting stuff, but he was a total beast to stay in front after that!

    1. Yeah I only managed one, and the BF mostly managed to get so many by getting them after the main selling.

      Oh no! You are a road disaster psychic! He was so impressive! That was his second puncture too O_O

  2. This sounds AMAZING! And top points for awesome commentating!! ;)



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