Great Scottish Run 10K 2014

Honestly? I don't much want to write about the GSR. It went okay. I'm unfit but not quite as bad as I thought. I did have a complete comedy of errors: from leaving my running shoes in my office, to wearing my chafe-tastic shorts, to forgetting my timing chip entirely (yeah, yeah Scallywag, bet that's what all the slowpokes say...). But I shall force myself to talk about it. Because if you like Glasgow and wan't to have a right good gawp at her, this race is a good un'.

Firstly it really does have an awesome course, especially the half marathon which does the awesome circuit of the city centre and motorway bridges, the parks further out and the Clydeside. The 10K is a little less pretty, as the section in the middle skips the too-far parks by running through some rather more uninspiring scenes before jumping back onto the river. However, for both races you get to:

  1. Stare up the imposing sight of St Vincent's Street hill, immediately at the start of the race. Suddenly need to pee ten times more than a second ago, even though you just used a portoloo. 
  2. Run over the motorway bridges, pretending you are a car (with comedy vroom noises), with no real threat of actual cars getting in the way (no? Just me?).
  3. Run over the beauty above, which you may remember from a previous post of mine on the Clydeside bridges. Bonus that its near the end so a good landmark for having only a little while left to go. 
  4. Start in the historic George Square, beside a lot of pretty old things and some lions. Continue up the aforementioned hill, that also has a lot of nice old bits. Basically instead of looking up the hill, look to the side to the crowds or to the nice buildings.
  5. Finish in Glasgow Green, which for the purpose of this event looks like a running parade. 

Good Things

+ Starting corrals well sized, marked and policed- you can go back but not forward. Never. ever. forward.

+ Believe when they say there are quieter toilets in the corrals. There are. Don't use the George Square ones. The George Square ones are for all those non-running peasants.

+ Great course- you get to run on motorway bridges and by the river and lots of nice parks if you do the half marathon.

+ Adequate water stations, and a shower if you like that kind of thing. I believe there are gels given in the half too.

+ Nice medal, nice tee shirt, although it stings that you only get a technical tee by paying more when the race is already £25 quid. Impressed by healthy-ish food in the finishing bag too.

+ Nice finishing chute- lots of encouragement.

Bad Things

- Bit expensive. I may however be quite spoilt by paying £5 for student 10Ks...

- You cannot spot a soul, way big crowds. I watched the whole half start, knew over 20 people in it and saw 1. My sincere apologies for the dude in the GUHH vest I yelled at, I know we don't know each other, but I needed someone to root for.

- The organisers announced GUHH had won the uni competition, and we were very excited until we all went quiet at the same time, did the maths, and realised Edinburgh had. Damnit. But congrats to our Hairy-er Hairy cousins (we're both Hares and Hounds, its an old joke). 

On that note, the evening before the race I'd said to my S.O., 'Nah don't bother spectating, you'd see me for 5 minutes, I'm not bothered'. Then I finished, and saw people screaming for their family members in the finishing chute, and saw loads of people hugging, and people waiting to get their Bank of Scotland photos, and I was actually bothered. 

So, next time I will be bringing my entire dallas-cheerleader-style fan squad. I'll just need to alert them by email or something...

So I went home and put on my medal and tee shirt and made him take photos of me instead:

Unsure why it looks like I have a uni-thigh here, it is in fact two seperate and quite far apart thighs. *


Ever done the GSR?

Or raced in good old Glasgow town? 

* Spoiler, secretly a merperson with only one lower limb. Makes 10K much more impressive, must start telling people.


  1. Ah my biggest fear - forgetting the timing chip or having a chip malfunction, gutting! Love the new look on your blog, it makes me want to smash my computer desk up and get outside in the hills :-)

    1. Thanks Autumn! That's exactly the feel I wanted ;-) Working on getting some better quality shots though - this photo is from a phone.

      Yeah, I came home and my SO was holding up the envelope going, 'Forget something?'. I only realised on the finish line when the lady was going, 'Chips in this bin!'. Uuuhhhh. Meant I couldn't even alert the officials at each end. I have Garmin evidence though!

  2. Great race report! And how annoying forgetting your chip - but so easy to do!!

    1. I know. It was sitting ON my kit, but you know how early mornings are!