So last weekend my parents and I tried out Segway-ing. Yes. A segway. 

What in hells-bells is a 'segway', can you not spell segue?! No, we were not practicing our social conversation topical transitions, we were driving whacky vehicles around a country estate on a freezing Sunday. Obviously.

We look deeply unsure here. Mum in particular.

Practicing turns

Segways are two wheeled self balancing vehicles with a motor. To go anywhere, you lean. So lean forward for forward motion or to speed up, back for backward, left to go left... you get it. What you don't get it is how bloomin' weird it actually feels. Did you ever have to play a tree in a school play (No? Just me and my poor dramatic skills then...)? Well, its a bit like that. To be honest I wasn't sure about it, dad had suggested them in SF and we'd turned him down. Are they not what old people use to get around theme parks? They certainly look uncool. I was wrong, I admit that.  

Ours was out at Crieff Hydro's country estate, as my dad very much fancied the offroad ones not the pavement. That would be far too sedate. After a shaky start practicing turns around the segway car park, we actually proceeded to have a really great time of it. They're really quite swift, and if you race them over any bumps, you actually lift off of the control plate which is really a very joyful feeling. This is probably exactly what you are not meant to do on a segway, but never mind.

They are intensely odd whilst going downhill- the handle leans into your tummy in order to auto-brake themselves but it feels a lot like they're trying to push you off the back. They're trying to kill us, I just know it. 

All in all, an awesome random thing to do. Not just for old people and Gob from Arrested Development. 


Have you ever done a Segway tour? Weirdly good fun. 

Sorry if you felt this isn't in the kind of scope of the blog. I know its not running but it actually wasn't totally non-active- definitely some kind of core work in all the bending. Its also outdoors so I thought it fit. 


  1. Funny you should say this, I always thought they were for cheesy tourists but just last week I had someone talk my ear off for ten minutes about how they thought the same thing but their mind is changed. They raved about Segways and insisted I try them one day. After reading your account, I think I have to! There's a guy that leads Segway tours in my hometown that wears a cowboy hat and plays the guitar and sings while he gives tours, maybe I should get in on that one...

    1. Seriously they are pretty good fun! Not sure I'd recommend the singing mind...