Sweaty Betty Comes to Glasgow to Keep Me Warm

So, you may or may not have heard:Sweaty Betty is opening a store in Glasgow city centre on Friday, in the very beautiful Royal Exchange Square.

Our big sister, the capital Edinburgh, has had one for quite some time, but only recently have the cool fitness brands migrated to Glasgow. I think our dear green place is a pretty damn great choice for expansion though: there is a huge population of young, dedicated athletes in Glasgow, with an eye for good aesthetics and a cool edge. Every day we get to work out to the beat of our busy industrial metropolitan city, or in the leafy green of the numerous parks. Despite an ancient reputation as an unhealthy city, Glasgow definitely has its share of fitness fanatics. 

The store has chosen a sweet spot beside the cool GOMA. Their winter collection is a mix of dance, ski, and running gear. You can guess which one my interest mainly lies in! However, with the Dance House studios just round the corner from Royal Exchange Square and the slopes of Glencoe and Glenshee not too far North I suspect all of the sports will have their customers.

Before the opening of the new store, Sweaty Betty kindly sent me some of their kit to try myself*. Autumn in Glasgow seemed to fly by and it is now, not to mince my words, bloody freezing. Particularly in the morning or late at night. I received the Chill Resistor Top; Pace Run Tights; and the matching Body Map Thermal Run Top and Thermal Run Tights from the winter collection (click names for the links!), which should help keep me warm and not too moany.

Fellow tweeter Nick, being a cheeky about my frozen exterior earlier this week.

First Impressions...

See the heather marl and rose patterns? Also see below for more accurate peach top colour.

... went something like 'Ooooohh' (very technical, I know). I absolutely love marl patterned clothes (my own dear mum was taking the piss out of me in Canada for endlessly pointing out marl patterned clothes in shops), but don't actually own any. So I was excited to spot the pattern on the chill resistor top and pace run tights. The Chill Resistor Top is the most gorgeous peach colour and I love the multi-coloured flecks in the Pace Run Tights. The top is also so soft on the inside and out. I started wearing it instantly on receiving it. Additionally, its nice and long. I detest tops ending near the waist, so I love this- right down to the hip. From the first try on, these two things have fitted perfectly. These tights also seemed very unlikely to show my pants- very luxe material.

The Body Map Thermal gear looks like something out of Tron- ninja grey with royal blue piping. Very Evangelion, very mecha (I mean this as a compliment, geeky references I know). It has a twist- there are rose pattern inserts across the back of the top, and the knees and waistband of the tights. It is a different material from the others- seems to be fleeced on the inside and a much more technical fabric on the outside, plus has mesh sections at sweaty junctions (back, back of knees etc). These tights did seem a little smaller made, and for a second I was worried about my sizeable booty (baby got back), but they fit fine once on. The top is a little less long than the chill resistor, but is still flatteringly long and nicely fitting. 

My next reaction was pockets. Ohhh, POCKETS. Proper pockets in women's running wear are as rare as steak tartar. Both of these tops have big back pockets. Phone and fuel-sized pockets, not one-lipbalm-if-you're-lucky pockets. Plus both pairs of tights... also pockets!**

How they look on a very average sized human***

On Testing...

I tested them pretty rigorously, on some runs outside (including a long) and in strength training too. Both tights have reflective lines down the sides which you can't really see online but are obvious in real life, giving you more visibility at night. Both pairs of tights also have nice wide waistbands- comfy, flattering and (unlike a certain pair of H&M tights I could mention) they don't fall down. The tops did not ride up. I also had no chafe issues.

The only two things I was not sure about were 1) the mittens built into the chill resistor top. I really like the thumb loopholes on both tops, but the full mitten closure on the CR felt to me restrictive while running. I do also hate onesies with foot closings though, so perhaps that's more a personal issue! I may also end up using them when standing around waiting for races or watching others run- I can imagine having auto mittens to be handy. 2) Well... there's no other way to say this so I'm giving it to you straight- if you can see your nips outline through your sports bra, you will see them in this top too. I recommend a bra that doesn't show cold nip outlines if this bothers you.

To be honest, I suspect I will use the chill resistor top and pace tights more right now, whilst its still autumn not full winter. This is because the thermal ones really are thermal, too warm for the inside or the current weather in the city centre. I wish I'd had the chance to head to the hills proper, as I think they'd perform really well out there.

Before receiving them I wasn't convinced they'd be technical enough. I knew SB was going to be stylish, and performed well in typical running gear, but wondered just how winter resistant the stuff would be. I am now convinced, I will head north soon, and Winter is Coming (how many geek refs can I get in a post?!). I'm interested to see how they perform in terms of fast drying, and in wilder terrain. I suspect it will be quite well though. I will edit and add here once I have taken them to the hills.

They aren't the cheapest sportswear brand, so look out for the sales. But their pricing is pretty comparable to the large fitness brands- Nike, Adidas and the like. And honestly, it seems worth it for the design and quality. These clothes feel great, perform well and make me feel great about running in them.

The Sweaty Betty Glasgow store opens on Friday 24th October, at 14 Royal Exchange Square, Glasgow. Like other Sweaty Betty stores, they will have classes and clubs running, so keep your eyes open for these!


Have you ever tried Sweaty Betty gear? What did you think?

Before these pieces, I already had one of the tops and some capris. I already liked them, so it was interesting to try the winter gear too.

Does your hometown have a good representation of dedicated fitness brands?

*Disclaimer: These winter collection samples were gifted by Sweaty Betty. I received no financial compensation for posting (or for any links- none are affiliate) and was not instructed to write anything about the clothes. I was only asked to mention the store opening. I will always be honest in my reviews, regardless of where the gear came from, as I have a firm no B.S. policy ;-).
** I will never apologise for being crazy for pockets. I got's stuff to carry. All lady runners will empathise! Men, is the pocket situation as dire for you too?
*** I have no idea how fashion bloggers do it, taking photos of myself is super awkward. 


  1. Ohhh! I love these, I've vaguely heard of this brand before but not so much.

    Loved the review, outfit photos are awkward. It gets a bit easier though the more you do it. As long as you're not in front of someone or in public. I have no idea how some bloggers have the balls to take outfit photos with other humans around. Awkward!

    Corinne x

    1. Thanks for your comment Corinne, I'd say they're definitely worth it. Their yoga gear gets a great write up too, but running is my jam so thats what I reviewed.

      Yeah, I feel I look very rabbit in headlights here ha ha! Bad lighting too!

      Still, room for improvement!

  2. Ooh how exciting! The kit looks fab and you're all decked out for winter!! Brill!! Thanks for the review!

    1. Thank you :). Definitely. Tbh I keep wearing the marl leggings every day. Im about to get told off for wearing them to the office so much...

  3. Hey, found your blog via a comment on GOMI. Love the marl leggings, such a great print.

    1. Thanks for commenting Anon! Hope it was me chatting on GOMI, not someone chatting about me ;-). Thanks, I love them too, wear them way way too much.