Tinto Hill

Well bugger me, that was windy fun.

This morning, my friend N and I got up at ridiculous o' clock, to drive 45 minutes, to award ourselves the pleasure of hastily getting up and down a hill in a gale, all just to return to Glasgow for classes by 10am. If you understood that as a perfectly sensible thing to do on a Saturday morning, you're in the right place. If not, don't worry, I'm sure the majority of the sane world agrees.

Tinto is a hill near Symington in South Ayrshire. Not to be confused with Symington in South Lanarkshire (not at all confusing, right?). Has a nice wee race up it, but sadly I'm unable to compete that day this year (November 8th). Tinto will be awesome if you are in good physical shape, and painful if you aren't. Why? Its immensely run-able. That may sound good, but that means no fast hiking breaks (guilty of using these as rests? Yessir.), as its plausible to run the whole way without pause.

My method was much more fast hike uphill, then run the downhill fully. It was excellent fun, despite the wind being in our faces the whole time on the way up. We just chatted complete rubbish at each other, but the ideal friend kind of rubbish- dream hill runs, 8000m altitude mountaineering; general amusement. At the summit pile, it actually wasn't possible to stand up because the wind was so strong; so we hunkered down beside the point to take a proof selfie (note: will add this, she has it still).

N the rock star

The upshot? Wind behind you on the way down, so it felt like we were absolutely flying. Can also be added to the diary as another morning of loving my Inov8s- haven't had them on in months and they were perfectly comfy and trustworthy once more.

Crazy arms dance


All in all, a hundred per cent worth 4 hours sleep and a hideously early wake up alarm. Made for a fantastic, invigorating start to the weekend. There's honestly nothing like being in the hills and I think we forget just how blessed (boak - wanky blogger word to the max there) we are to be so close to accessible wilderness around Glasgow.

On the way back we decided that a coffee was worth more than being on time got class. Sorry but I'm not sorry. Worth it. Obtaining the was a bit amusing though- the, to be honest, not-so-fit guy behind the counter failed to realize that our wind-battered, mud-splattered, red-faced visages were due to having just been up a hill, and decided to tell us that there was a nice hill nearby, and that walking uphill is, "good for shaping your thighs, y'know?". Given N is a sprint cycling champ who picked up a few silvers at BUCS; and was just 5th in the Nevis race, I think she knows just plenty about thigh shapes. He was well meaning but we aren't super keen on random man advice dispension. Particularly as thigh shape isn't top of the thought agenda. Would be very different had we asked!

Lady with the lovely blue eyes is awesome!

 Anyways, very worth doing and I'll be back on Tinto, hopefully to run more of her on the uphill!


Ever run this hill? Or any hills?

Any other hills around that you can recommend?


  1. Random man advice dispension. I love that phrase!

    Sounds like a great start to the weekend :)

    Corinne x

  2. Thanks Corrine! Yeah its the phrase I used for unsolicited advice, and I find men do it a lot more than women. Don't mind at all if its needed (correcting gym form for example) or asked for.

    But I have numerous examples of things like 'you know crisps arent good for you' or 'if you walk around like that you can't see where you're going' (whilst carrying book). The hallmarks are being a) unsolicited b) from stranger and c) totally obvious advice, quite often about bodies! It all = random man advice dispersion

  3. Ok Ok I'm shutting up about Rugged Radnage :)

    1. That looks good though! Are you doing it?