Sunday Summary and a Trip to Aberdeen Parkrun

This week I did the following...

Monday: 3 miles at 10:15 pace. I was very stiff from weekend hills, but eased off by that final mile. Absolutely soaked through from that dastardly fine rain.
Tuesday: Sweet FA. No decent classes and I couldn't quite be fucked
Wed: I was meant to do a 2 mi tempo but instead I went to Meta Box at lunch. Lesson learned- if I don't do it when I wake I may never do it.
Thursday: 5 miles at 10:12 pace. Felt tough and sluggish.
Friday: Nadda, very busy day then travelling to Aberdeen.
Saturday: 8 miles, including 3 miles at the Aberdeen Hazlehead parkrun. Beautiful parkrun course and day.
Sunday: Nadda.

I headed to the Aberdeen parkrun on Saturday since I was there seeing a friend and some excellent fellow tweeters had recommended it. The friend I was staying with thought I was mental, "Can I go to the Hazlehead parkrun tomorrow morning? Promise I'll only be a few hours", "Um, sure... I'll be in bed". The parkrun was completely gorgeous and the first time I've felt in any kind of shape in forever. I ran 28.10 approximately (was down as an unknown!); so pace 9:04. I felt I really could have gone faster but to be quite honest I really needed to pee. I even stopped once to see if any of the woods beside the trail were dense enough to hide me but I decided not.

There's a 400m track in the park, how cool is that?!

Autumnal awesomeness

Otherwise very nice friendly people, as at most parkruns. Spotted some Aberdeen Uni folk too, flying as per usual (Glasgow, Aberdeen let's be friends, whoa-oha-oha). Really great course- out and back but so rich with forest-y colours that it didn't feel boring. Great to run on some trails and smelling pine, particularly in autumn too!


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