The Whangie

This Saturday morning we headed up the Whangie in the Kilpatrick hills. Like at Tinto, we headed off early to avoid anyone assuming we were at all mentally competent. I've never been up the Whangie- never done the hill race or anything- but its really very nice so I will try and do the hill race in 2015 I think.


Looking up

To be honest I pissed about a fair bit on the way up this hill. Its only 3 miles and if I'd been working properly I could have accomplished it a lot faster. But, hey, on a Saturday morning its really more about the fun than the time, and every little bit on hills helps.

Larking about on the summit


Proof selfie

We ran up the usual track after the deer gate from the car park, and then after hitting the two summits (stone cairn of the lesser hill then across the bog at the top to the actual hill cairn) we ran back down via the rock climbing routes- really cool to run beside these impressive rock cliffs, strange that they've developed with an easy space between them. These are actually where the Whangie gets its name, and it legend that the stone corridor was created by the devil flicking his tail as he flew past.

Sadly, Lucifer was clearly busy cause' we didn't see head nor tail of him.


Compared to Tinto, the weather at the Whangie was a breeze (or less of a breeze, har de har). She's definitely infinitely run-able and we stretched out on the descent to the cars. There was a lot of fog but its not as if the hill is hard to navigate. It was actually quite cool to see the fog sit in the valleys.

The only thing was I did land on my foot funnily on rock at some point, and rolled it onto its side with my weight on it. It was quite uncomfortable for the rest of the descent, but actually feels fine now so hopefully no harm done. These few hills so far have also really taught me the importance of a warm up. In both cases I barely felt able to run for the first few 100 metres!

Show off.

Please note clearly about to fall off, explains face.

I'm in no way saying I'm a mega hill runner, or some hardened wilderness beast. I am not, I am a city based woman who doesn't love being hungry for any period of time or not having access to a coffee. But out in the hills like this, I just feel like... This is life. This right here, where your legs are working and your heart is pounding and your friends are laughing. This is what its meant to feel like. I love doing this. I need to try and fill more of my life with this feeling.

Right, wanky mind blip over, I promise. My legs are flipping killing me anyway. Bloody hills.


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