2014... You Can Piss Off and So Can Resolutions

Okay 2014. You've been a duff year. This year there has been family heartbreak, bereavement, stress and mediocre running. I can credit you with seeing my return to proper training; with more time on the hills; with starting climbing; with the Commonwealth games brilliance; and with 4 years with my S.O. but that is really about it. I'm glad we are through. I'm looking forward to the next year. 2015 has the potential to be better.

But not new years resolution-y better. I've come to the decision that new years drama is kinda B.S. Designed to get us all scrambling for gym memberships, meditation courses, a dress in a size smaller than we are. Designed to get us dieting for a 'bikini body' by June. Total idiocy. 88% of new years resolutions fail, according to research at Bristol Uni.

From the excellent Calvin and Hobbes

This year I have no new years resolutions. In 2015 I'd like to keep on living my life, loving my friends, family and BF; running and climbing and trying new fitness things; spending time outdoors; doing my PhD as well I can; and being myself.

If you are the sort that likes new years resolutions, I'm going to take the liberty of suggesting a few, in contrast to some typical ones. Also you may as well blog about them and be socially accountable because research suggests 10% more succeed if they do this.

I resolve to... take up one hobby. A lot of people promise themselves they will start exercising their brains out. I have never seen a single person get healthy and happy like this. Usually they just resent it massively, which means they are spending 1 hr a day doing something they hate, then get injured or plain give it up. And that's fine, you really don't want to be spending your life cramming in stuff you don't even like. So a better deal is to realise you owe it to yourself to spend your time doing something you do enjoy. Not everyone can or should run for example (I write about that here). Bonus points if its something active. And in the huge spectrum of active things, I'm betting there's something.

I resolve to... get out of the diet spin. I don't want to see promises of diets. Diets are doomed to failure. I want to see a conscious effort to drop the nonsense. Drop the liquid diets and detoxes, bracketed by cheeseburger binges because they are so damned restrictive. Healthy eating is not hard. Its eating normal foods, as non-processed as possible, which have ingredients you can name. Here's the hard part, unlike a diet there is no finish line. When you're doing it for your health, not for your holiday, then its for life.

I resolve to... drop the people who mean nothing. The one benefit of a hard year is it crystal clear outlines those who are there and support your happiness, and those who are not and do not. People feel this real need to cling on to people who are doing them no good. It sounds drastic and clinical but relationships are reciprocal. Sometimes the balance will sway one way or another but overall the effort and the energy should be 50/50. Don't feel bad about dropping some energy vampirism from your life.

And I resolve to... cling on to those who do. Some people have been total rocks this year. Thank you, I will be forever available and willing to run in to do the same for you.


To end on an upswing; the people I have met online are awesome. Looking forward to reading about your adventures in 2015. Thank you for reading my blog in 2014! You keep doing you.

To all, A Very Happy New Year, slĂ inte.


  1. I'm sorry you had a tough year, 2015 will definitely be better :) I don't like to do the whole resolution thing either (the last one I had I was in high school and it was "stop eating dairy." It literally didn't last a day. I have no clue why I even wanted to stop eating it, but anyway), but instead goals that I hope to accomplish. I'm also turning 30 in 2015 which seems like a big time for people to make "things to do before turning 30" lists.

    1. Goals are a much nicer idea and a few people have suggested this :) I think its better to aim to DO things, where as so many resolutions seem to be 'DONT' do something!

      Thanks for reading, happy new year! x

  2. very wise words here! Great to hear the stat from Bath uni too, I might reel that out next time I hear someone with stupid resolutions. Hope 2015 is kinder to you :)

    1. Thanks Stephanie! People made such huge grandiose ones! Do you do any?

      Thanks for commenting.