My Year In Running

I spotted this write up on Vikki's blog If You Can't Move It, Climb It. and thought it was a really cool idea to round off the year. Obviously there are more runs to come in December, but most of 2014 has been and gone.

Best Race Experience

I really haven't raced a lot this year. Perhaps Dumyat Hill Race in May? I was proud of my time and Dumyat is a fun, pacey little hike of a hill. I had a really great time at this race, compared to not very enjoyable days at others. I am looking forward to 2015 races though, even though my plan has totally gone to pot!

Best Run

I cannot possibly choose one. This is like choosing a favourite child, except more difficult because sometimes children are mean and messy so you can score them off the favourites list... All runs teach you something (I am so wise). So the candidates are... the time in the hills- particularly the Whangie with friends-; the insanely gorgeous bird sanctuary run I did out at my aunt's house; running the Clydeside bridges in beautiful weather; or Aberdeen parkrun in all its wooded, autumnal glory.

The Whangie
Bird Sanctuary


Best New Piece of Gear

I am going to have to nominate multiple gear pieces. I love my Sweaty Betty kit to bits, but particularly the chill resistor top, which is so comfy I have to resist (sorry, couldn't help myself) wearing it every day to every thing. Then also the Believe I Am Training Journal- beautiful and inspirational wee book. Its already making me see the issues in my training and I've only just opened the thing.

Best Piece of Running Advice I Received

Personally, N telling me I was doing 'Pretty fucking well' really helped me re-frame how I thought of my own running. Not personally (Twitter advice ahoy!) seeing this tweet to pro runner Emelia Gorecka:

Demonstrating that even the greats need to be told to give themselves a break. And I absolutely agree that progress is not always linear, or even obvious at all. 

Best Inspirational Runner

Every runner I have met through Twitter has been without exception, awesome. Seriously, you guys are motivating, funny, real, and just brilliant humans. Every day that I log in and read your run chat helps me. As for one specific inspirational runner, I'd currently choose Cat Simpson, who was kind enough to give me her time for an interview that you should read here.

If you could sum up your year in a couple of words, what would they be?

Working my way uphill.


What would your answers be? Either link to posts or just answer below :)


  1. I loved reading this- and totes agree about the training journal!

    1. Thanks Sarah :), I know, its ace right ;-)?