What to Buy Your Runner for Christmas 2014

So, you know a runner. You know because they never. Shut. Up. About. It. Or maybe you know because you are also a runner, so you both natter on about it. Say you want to get them a cheeky wee Christmas present, well here are some ideas...

I'f You're Their Mate

How about the new Believe I Am Training Journal. Lets be straight here, the last one was irritatingly saccharine and gendered, with it's butterfly-festooned pink design. I was not into that. However, this years edition is slick red and blue with an engraved style cover. Much, much better. Inspire your mate to train as best as they can. I actually ordered one for my own Christmas present... to myself.

If You're Their Parent... and you don't know running

How about a safe running ID like Safesport or Road ID? We all hope that those nasty statistics about cars and attackers and dogs are not going to happen to our loved ones. Problem is they have to happen to someone's loved ones. So whilst you can't stop them running, and only so much precaution is possible, you can make sure that if the worst did happen emergency services know your number; their allergies and who they are. There have been cases where runners have been harmed and medical care been given with no idea at all of the victim's identity. Phones help yes, but phones are often locked. Safe from prying friends but also sadly closed to the well-intentioned emergency responders.

If You're Their Parent... and you do know running

A goal race. Get them the gift of a race they didn't have to think about the price for. Maybe something that's a little nudge up to something they've always wanted to do but never been quite confident enough for. If you also run, they've probably mentioned it to you. Better still, if your pace is similar, or if its more fun challenge than time trial, why not enter you both?

If You're Their Team Mate

That one is always complaining about their ITB or their quads being, 'soooooooooooooo dead' from that Tuesday hills session. Get them something useful and get them a foam roller. You can now get super cute mini ones, but I'd go for something with a bit of quality so it wont lose its impact quickly, something like a Trigger Point The Grid Mini Foam Roller.

If You're Their Grandparent ... and you don't know running

I'd recommend something like a subscription to a running magazine, as most renew around Christmas they likely won't already have one. There are also usually Christmas deals on in running magazines. Runners World is a safe bet, but there are also other awesome options like Trail Running, Triathletes World if they swim or bike too. If you want to shell out a bit for something really beautiful how about Like the Wind magazine- its completely gorgeous.

If You're Their Grandparent ... and you do know running

Hey, go you! You're probably one of those elderly hill runners that beats me all the time. You get no advice... Just kidding. I bet you're proud of them, how about a frame for their race numbers? You get specialised ones. Or some fuel- we all know Grandparents like to check we are eating right!

If You Fancy Them... and you don't run.

Well sir or madam, you can do something for yourself too. How about some tight nylon to get both of your heart rates up? Try Nike, Sweaty Betty for the ladies, Achilles Heel if you're in Glasgow, or Sweatshop. Easy days. You can act all innocent like you are just investing in their hobby. If they're going to be sweaty all the time, you may as well get something to look at. Also include some vouchers for guilt free miles on days where you'd rather have a lie in (you can still have your lie in without them, even get them to return with a coffee!). You could also buy them some bodyglide and present it with a wink... but that MAY get you dumped.

Hey, I'm an equal opportunities perve

If You Fancy Them... and you do run.

Get them a custom medal holder. Chances are something heartfelt will go down better than something they'd buy themselves (side note: on another runners gift list I saw body fat scales, Id be pissed if someone bought me that, don't do that).

If You're Rich/Really, Really, Really Fancy Them...

A running holiday. I would be ecstatic. This one in particular looks fantastic.


Whats on your running Christmas list 2014? 

What are you going to get the runners in your life?

PS: I Hope by now readers are aware that I'm a big fan of disclosure and would always disclose, but just to clarify no one asked me to write this and none of the companies even know I did. These are just things I'd honestly covet and in some cases have asked for! If any of these companies would like to gift me these things, hit me up ;-)


  1. Fab ideas, I like the Road ID one- that might get popped on my list actually. I find it's quite difficult to ask for things like leggings though as I NEED to try them on first. Wonder how my gran would take to being asked to pay for a Spartan race... Only one way to find out?!

    1. Yeah Road ID is one of these things I keep meaning to get myself. And you know what, I'd try asking. Surely they'd prefer getting you that then getting a phone call about how awesome it was than getting you a pair of gloves you'll wear once!

      Yeah leggings etc I do understand. With that I'd go for mega hinting 'Mannn those new Nike Dri Fit leggings are so nice, the ones with the crazy patterns. If only I could buy those... In a medium say... NUDGENUDGEWINKWINK'

  2. Nooooooo, you've just given me even more ideas for running related Christmas presents. I love the journal *hides credit card*

    I wrote a similar blog about a month ago and emailed the link to a few family members. The stats on WordPress suggest that they didn't pick up on my not so subtle hints! I didn't add a disclaimer to the blog *disclosure fail* I must be very careful when I write my 'Best Buys & Blags/Freebies of 2014' blog post.

    After reading this I'm definitely going to ask my OH to pay for my Birmingham Black Country half entry. If I'm feeling really generous I'll pay for his entry so that he can run with me.

    1. Aww ha ha that would definitely be a cute couple present! Maybe your family members already got you something better?! They surely couldnt miss such a subtle hint ;-)

      yeah I am gonna blow a gasket if I see a ton of xmas lists filled with companies I know that blogger works for. None of these companies work with me, in fact no companies do!

  3. I want that training journal - what's the inside like?

    1. Hi Tess, Mine hasn't arrived yet (was a preorder) but a friend has one already.

      Basically a mix of diarised pages like this: http://www.velopress.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/BTJ_BelieveTrainingJournal_photo2.jpg and pages to brainstorm race strategy, work on pace psychology, tips, goals recording space etc. The previous model also had space to record miles on shoes if I remember correctly. Will defs contain some motivational quotes somewhere but is definitely significantly less girly than the previous one.

  4. I love this way of writing this list! That journal is super cute. I have asked for one of those torture foam rollers myself!

    1. Hey Stephanie thanks for commenting. Yeah if not gifted a roller, thats the thing I will be buying myself. I thought the writing method was maybe more fun than just a list so glad you liked it :) Both Sarah (goldilocks) and I have the journal on preorder so sure you will see it soon!

  5. I'm sure I recognise those paving stones... ;)

    I love the look of those mini-grid rollers - ace for a race holiday as well!

    1. Rhona Im so sorry! I've forgotten to put the 'image from' bit underneath :/. Will add now :)

      And yeah the mini grids are super cute- think it'll have to be another 'to myself' gift!