Blog Love

So, I read a lot of blogs. It's perhaps a problem. It certainly takes up a lot of time.

I've recently found myself moving away from the 'big' bloggers; and unfollowing them too. I just don't seem to find them that interesting anymore. Too much quick switching of brand alliances. Too many people who don't work and essentially train and blog for a living even though they aren't even approaching elite. Call it snobby, but the ones that inspire me are the typical people making it happen. I thought I would cover some of my favourite bloggers in this crazy running corner of the internet world- why I like them, and suggest a post you should read.

Sarah at Dreaming of Footpaths

Sarah at the Saltmarsh 75

Sarah is standout hilarious. She has a way with similes that always makes me smile, and is very honest about running and life. Her blog is very fitness-focused; which I appreciate. It has just developed a saucy little triathlon twist too, after she completed one triathlon and is gunning for more.

Sarah's standouts to me are her hilarious write ups of typical muddy long runs. This post about running with a furry friend made me smile. I also love her write up of the Thames 50/the time a kayaker overtook her in a race!


Caitlin writes with an excellent worldview. She attacks the distinctly sexist aspects of health, fitness and its surrounding culture. She has run ultras, triathlon, multiple marathons. She generally comes across as the sort of woman I'd love to know. She writes so many posts that make me want to grab her and shout 'YES'. Check her subheader, "Because it takes strong women to smash the patriarchy".

I absolutely loved her 2014 New Years post about the cult of the body.

Graham at Glasgow Tae Somewhere...

The key word I can think of here is authentic. Graham writes about the mountains because he loves them. He covers days in the hills, races (mostly trail or long-distance hill), and (only very occasionally) technical gear. I feel like his voice and his passion comes through in every post. As he would say, its braw. I've also met Graham in real life. He's pretty chuffing braw himself!

I love all of Graham's posts about the mountains. These posts about running in the alps make the wanderer in me very jealous.

Sarah at Goldilocks Running

Another Sarah! I can't help it; Sarahs in general are so ace. Sarah started off as a talented little road runner, graduated into being a talented marathoner, and is now a triathlete working it all out on the bike. She's also a busy almost-doctor. I love her blog, and the girl herself is also fantastic. She is honest, charming, and does an awesome internet round up on a Sunday.

Sarah's post about her word for 2015 made me feel really proud of her!

Rhona at Redwinerunner

Rhona At the Hoka Highland Fling

Rhona is a northern belle. Funny, smart, sarcastic (how I like my women). An ultrarunner by nature; she has run some great Scottish races. Rhona's blog is another that is remarkably free of advertisement and agenda. Rhona mostly posts race reports but has started blogging about her West Highland Way race training schedule too.

I really enjoy Rhona's ultra write ups; like this one about the Hoka Highland Fling.

Emily at Sweat Once A Day

Emily is the only comparatively 'large' blogger that makes this list. That's because, aside from the odd joke about her work with a brewery and a few references to Oiselle, I know nothing about her life details. She doesn't fill her blog with froyo. Emily is a very good ultrarunner and posts the most beautiful photos of Oregon and the mountains.

For my favourite post, I'm going to go for her account of running the Grand Canyon Rim to Rim trail.

Autumn at Tinyrunner

Autumn setting her half marathon PB (and winning the race!)

Autumn is another runner that I badly wish I could meet in real life. Very real, very genuine, very funny. She's currently writing some very informative posts on the things people overlook in marathon training. She is also a supreme snapchatter.

I would vote her best post as the account of running an 89 minute half marathon- what a machine!

Candice at Wild

Candice is the dream. A wild, dirtbag, ultrarunner who practices what she preaches. She is also a race director of several 200 milers. Because 100mi just was not enough. Candice is a keen yogi, which reminds me that yoga is important and useful, and a pretty incredible athlete.

My favourite posts are the accounts of running the Wonderland trail around Mt Rainer. That is a dream. It makes me want to run away.

There are many, many, other bloggers whom I love, but I will save those names for another day. I particularly love that the blogging community I've become a part of also interacts in other ways- on Twitter, by email. I feel like many of these people have become friends. I feel glad to be part of this community.


Do you have any blog suggestions for me? 

Who are your favourite bloggers? Why?


  1. Thanks for some great suggestions on new people to add to my (increasingly long) blog roll! I love finding new inspirational runners to read about :)

    1. I'm glad you liked them! Do you have suggestions?

  2. Great selection of blogs there, some I'm already following but I've added the new ones to my Bloglovin :-)

    1. Glad you got some new ideas to follow. Do you have any recommendations?

  3. Ooh I'm loving the new blogs to follow!! Thank you! And thanks for the mention!!

    1. Glad you liked it! Do you have any recommendations?

  4. Thanks for the mention! I never used to just post race reports... it frustrates me that I can't seem to get my shit together to do a regular posting schedule. Need more hours in the day.

    1. Don't we all! I'm thinking of reducing mine to 1/week. Nonetheless, your blog is FAB