Eating Out Healthily in Glasgow: Martha's

Martha's is a great addition to the Glasgow food scene. Its entire brief is 'fast food that isn't homogenised muck'. It's healthy fast food.

Both images from the MyMarthas website

I ate... Thai Veggie Curry main box- a box of coconut milk based curry with sweet potato; squash; peas; red lentils; and carrots, served over wild rice. This comes with a side of their special slaw (no thick mayo here, only natural yoghurt and lemon dressing). I also had the C-Moregreen smoothie- spinach, celery, mint, orange and mangos.

Om nom nom nom

Was it expensive?

Martha's isn't too expensive, but it certainly isn't the cheapest option either. Most main boxes are around £5. The dish I ate was £4.95. Its easy to wrack up the money when you get to the tills and see the delicious vegan brownies they sell... The smoothies are also expensive if you sit in, which irks me as they do not have to wash the containers as they are disposed of for every customer (they do recycle them all).

What else was on offer?

As it specialises in healthy food, you would struggle to go particularly unhealthy unless you only ate from the crisps stand.  Martha's has many more 'main box' options- mostly flavoured spiced dishes served over brown rices or noodles. There is a daily main box special. Additionally, any main box can be served as a flatbread wrap instead of over a carbohydrate. They also sell salads, and an ever-changing list of daily soups. Their menu has full calorie and vegetable/fruit content information, along with indications of particular 'superfoods'. There is a huge range for vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free eaters.

What did I think?

Martha's food is reliably very tasty; healthy; and flavorful. I do think its advised to take out- the menu is cheaper then, and the atmosphere can be a little sterile, with staff whipping away boxes just after you've taken the final forkful. The cafe does have gorgeous decor, but it is optimised for fast eating. Definitely if you are after a quick lunch with a pile of healthy options, in the centre of town, this is the place to swing by. Its very busy at lunches; but apparently does a mean breakfast too.

To clarify: No one paid me anything in any way, nor was I encouraged, to write about this place. 


  1. This place looks great- I love these types of posts as they would be really helpful as one travels to different places for a race or just for fun, but you want to keep eating well. Great post!

    1. Thanks for your comments Right Fits! Yeah that was the general plan- give people some places to look out for in Glasgow!