My 'Home Gym' + Workout

Firstly and foremost, 'home gym' is an extremely grandiose term. This post should truthfully read "What fitness equipment lies around in our living room for my loving partner to trip over on his way to the kitchen"*.

I have the following gym equipment at home to work into quick home bodyweight workouts. All of it was very cheap, and is not advanced gear, but is useful to target specific things. I've also designed a 25 minute workout that can be done using bodyweight and this minimal equipment, which I will show you guys below!

Not pictured: super cheap hand weights; cause I forgot them. 

Skipping Ropes

These ropes cost me 79 pence from home bargains. I am not kidding, they are the number one cheap as bit of equipment. They are also a fantastic cardio option and can help you work up quite a sweat in very little time. If you have a spare 10 minutes only to work out, I cannot recommend skipping enough. Its also an excellent warm up option. Honestly, these have lasted well. I've seen 10 quid ropes break; 79p seems absolutely fine.

Skip option 1: jump with both feet

Skip option 2: skip one foot at a time

Resistance Band

This is a maximum strength band and functions in two useful ways for home or park workouts: it adds work to otherwise easy moves and it can be used in stretching, particularly if you are not super bendy. Yes, that's me. I got this from Amazon and it cost £2. Its also very useful for travel as it is extremely light and occupies almost no space when packed.

Light Weights

Now, obviously these are not going to cut it for heavy workouts. Heavy weights cost more money, which is why I do not own any. These were a TK Maxx bargain (around a fiver?), but have to be used carefully to get any kind of efficacy. Please note I FORGOT them for the photos, so they are represented by bits of tree in their absence.

Foam Roller

Again, this was picked up at TK Maxx for a minimal amount of money (£15) and so far it seems to hold up well. It works the same way as the far more expensive trigger point rollers do- with chunky sections to break up tense muscle fibers.


Workout time! This is a leg and arms circuit, with skipping cardio intervals. Each strength set is 5 minutes, including the stretch period; for 25 minutes total.

Round 1

1 minute skipping
1 minute front squat with band*
1 minute shoulders circuit- curl; fly; circle repeat 10s each
1 minute bent row with band
30s skipping
30s rest

Straight curl the 'weights' up, fly out to here, then circle the arms here

Upright row- back straight and pull the bands up with elbows close

* For this put the band over shoulders then under feet to cause a pull down into the squat- my band was not long enough!

Round 2

1 minute skipping
1 minute banded clamshells
1 minute tricep flys with weights
1 minute push up with band
30 skipping
30s rest

Clams- keep heels together.
Tricep Fly: Keep arm close to body and raise right up, hinging at elbow.

Sorry this is so blurred. Band goes over back and under hands.

Round 3

1 minute skipping
1 minute lateral band walk
1 minute lunge rotate with weights
1 minute shoulder press with band*
30s skipping
30s rest

Walk sideways with band around ankles.

Squat down.

Lunge and rotate torso towards front leg holding your 'weights' central to the body. 
* Again mine was not long enough, goes under feet with yourself in squat position and press hands up from shoulder into the air.

Round 4

1 minute skipping  (4 min 30s)
1 minute glute bridge with band
1 minute press up position weight raises
1 minute skullcrushers with band
30s skipping
30s rest

Band above the knees for the bridge
Lift 'weight' straight up, arm stays close in to body.
Arms go from straight up to hands at face, bending at elbow, keep elbows in together.

Warm Down and Stretch

Hamstrings- classic stretch can be deepened w resistance band (30s minimum each leg- band around foot sole instead of holding the leg)
Quads w resistance band (30s minimum each leg- band around ankle held over shoulder at hands)
Upper back and arm stretch (1 min- triceps)
Foam roll quads (30s min each leg- face down rolling along the quad)
Foam roll ITBS (30s min each leg- rolling hip> knee and back up along side of body)
Foam roll lower back (1 minute- lying on it rolling up back and down again)

Phew! Hope you enjoyed that. Is there any equipment I'd add? Not for now, but if I were to lose easy access to a cheap gym (with all classes included- uni sport is a great deal), I would add kettlebells; an exercise matt; and a step. If money were no object I would have a pimped out gym with TRX cords and boxing pads too! In another life I guess...

Vest Adidas || Leggings Sweaty Betty+ || Shoes Brooks Pure Cadence


What home gym equipment do you have? How do you use it?

*Bonus points go to weights as a toe stubbing master race and to foam rollers for, well, rolling when you step on them.
+ Crosses indicate items I was gifted


  1. I have a weight rack / rig / pull up bar, a barbell, 100kgs of weights, a bench for bench presses, gymnastics rings for various things, 2 kettlebells, 2 foam rollers, various jump ropes, various dumbbells and an ab mat.


    I don't use all of them on a regular basis but thankfully my husband does. I only use the kit when I'm on holidays and away form my Crossfit box but even then I'd rather actually go for a run because I just find it so hard to motivate myself to "properly" work out at home. I think I have figured out though that the key is to write the workout down. Once it's on paper it's easier to get going.

    1. Your gym is KITTED OUT.

      I also love writing it down! It makes me want to tick it off and therefore is very motivating!

      My dream home gym would have a climbing wall! x

  2. Love this! I am ALL FOR 79p pieces of gym equipment as I have a limited budget! Free logs also amazing!! :)

    1. They seriously are blooming good for 79p. Log also free.