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Recently I have experienced a running revival in a huge way. Helped by the gorgeous springtime weather we have been having*, I've been running 3 times a week- regular, speed or hills, and a long run. On the long run its beneficial if I can just zone out. Ideally, the less I am thinking about my legs or my lungs or my pace, the better. 

I find music is just not enough to distract my brain, so instead I turned to podcasts for running. At least I learn something! I will start to blog more about running again soon as this training picks up, I promise. Following are some of my favourite podcasts. Keep in mind that I find the macabre interesting, and that I like quite dark humour. These suggested podcasts therefore may not be great for everyone...

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This is my stand-out, number-one recommendation. Welcome to Night Vale is a podcast story, produced in the style of radio updates from a mysterious conspiracy-filled town in the middle of nowhere. Its highly weird but completely captivating. I find myself listening closely for the clever one-liners:
"And now for a brief public service announcement: Alligators. Can they kill your children? Yes."
It has a brilliant mix of plot-relevant information and completely irrelevant chat from a small town. The only bit I'm not so fond of are the weather songs. I'm sure their lyrics are also clever, but the tune is often enough to put me off and make me skip until the narrator reappears. Might not be everyone's kettle of fish**, but give it a definite try. Its a marmite situation. You will either find yourself loving it, or thinking, "That girl is one total and complete freak, and so are the writers of this podcast".

RadioLab is a nice mix of interesting information about assorted topics, and narrated parts to add to the story. They often pull on experts or writers to contribute. I think their about page is pretty spot on when it says, "Radiolab is a show about curiosity"- most people could find something to be curious about in its many episodes. My favourites are the longer compound episodes, like the one about 'Patient Zero's. In that episode they track not only the origins of a few major diseases, but also the origins of a well-known idea. Well worth a listen.  The only thing I don't love is how much they talk over one another in places. 

Caustic Soda

Caustic Soda is not nearly as knowledge-based as RadioLab, but is entertaining as hell. It covers horrible science, or news - topics like shark attacks, kid killers and nuclear disaster. They tend to bring in a good amount of pop-culture references to the topic. I find some of this podcast really funny, although they do tend to get derailed just enjoying each other's company or tangential humour. They have been known to burst into song too. They have an entertaining lack of knowledge- quite often finding things out alongside the listener. Sometimes they could do with more fact-checking, as it isn't always accurate. For example they stated that sharks don't get cancer, but they actually do.

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SYMHC is a very varied podcast. I preferentially choose episodes of this, instead of trying the lot, and tend to download the most macabre episodes. Sometimes the speakers annoy me as they can be kinda squeamish... but hey thats just me! I love that they link all of their research under the podcast online, as this makes it a much more trustworthy source. 

I'm also interested to check out some of the linked projects that they have: Stuff they Don't Want You to Know (about conspiracy theories, man I love me some conspiracy theory) and Stuff Your Mum Never Told You (written for women as a multi-topic information channel, from looking at the titles seems like an excellent resource for teen girls).

If you're a history buff, you should also check out American History Too! Full clarification: Someone I know co-presents this podcast. More serious certainly, but still chatty and entertaining. As with SYMHC, I preferentially choose topics I'm interested in (like Nuclear Fallout... Okay I'm a macabre weirdo, we know that now).


Can you recommend any podcasts?

I'd particularly love any humour-based, with sarcastic female presenters, or about running that aren't aimed at beginners. 

How do you survive the long run?

* Please note, has alternated back and forth with sleet and frozen, drenching rain. Knew it couldn't last in Glasgow! Glasgow is changeable
** One of my relatives used to use this mixed metaphor, and I thought it was quite appropriate for Night Vale!


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