Sweaty Betty - Body by Simone

Body by Simone is Sweaty Betty's newest Get Fit 4 Free class- a dance cardio workout with HIIT intervals and high-rep conditioning. It was designed by ex-dancer, and now LA celebrity trainer, Simone de Rue. It;s advertised as a workout to make you happy and get you the long, lean body of a dancer. Obviously I'm more interested in the first of those aims.

I headed to the Glasgow Sweaty Betty store on Tuesday to see if they could transform me into a graceful dancer. Inside Lorna (head to toe in gorgeous California Girl gear) greeted the attendees, who all seemed a little nervous about how intense the class would be. They were also a brand-dedicated lot- three people in head to toe Sweaty Betty!

California Girl vest
Some of the new AW15/16 gear- I have the jacket in the oil print on the middle left.
In short, the workout alternates small strength sets and 'dance' sets. Luckily for me, I would suggest that the dance sets are really closer to a kind of plyometric HIIT than particularly dancey. Certainly the dance blocks include a lot of jump squats and punching like boxfit. They are fun though! I found the only steps I got a little lost on in this section were the ballet-style arm movements... There is a reason that I have failed out of ballet twice!

The strength sections are arms- which uses 3lbs weights with numerous repetitions-, butt- which uses multiple variations of bird dog-, and abs- which is a moving plank workout. The arms workout felt a little easy to me, but the butt and ab workouts were pretty tough. Funnily, one of the other girls said before the class that she has heard Rosie Huntington Whiteley uses Body by Simone to prepare for Victoria's Secret shows. The same repeated bird dog sequences appear in the Victoria's Secret Model workouts- they burnnn.

Overall it was an entertaining way to get a sweat on and spend an evening. It could be a nice workout to have in a rotation that doesn't have too much impact or heavy lifting. You can also do the workout online if you aren't close to any store, through the Sweaty Betty Youtube:

Alternatively, if you have a local store the classes run for two more weeks so get yourself booked in to one on the online system.


Have you been to the Body by Simone classes or any Get Fit 4 Free classes?

Have you ever done dance?

Clarification: This post was not sponsored or requested by the company, This is a free class and available to anyone. No links are affiliate; all just for information.


  1. I am so jealous of your Sweaty Betty access :) I have never tried this class, but it looks right up my alley! FUN!

    1. It was good fun! I really wouldn't do it a lot, but as a one off it was a nice change :)

  2. Different strokes for different folks :) You know I can't get my head around baby weights and movements that do not use the full range of motion. And hopping around to music - I'd MUCH rather go for a run :)

    1. The baby weights was the bit I didn't love as much- felt higher was perfectly possible as it isn't even that many reps. However I do understand that stores can only really carry so many weights!

  3. I did it in Brighton last night, and I'm not sure I liked it much, my knees don't do well with all the jumping, and I wasn't sure about the small weights and high reps at the time. The glute stuff though - jeeez. I'm aching today, but can't tell if it's from this class alone or a combination of that and my heavy gym session that morning - first back in ages!

    1. The glute stuff CLEARLY works, it was really the only bit I could feel the next day.