Do You Wear Underwear?

Every active woman will be very familiar with the 'sports bra dilemma'- Will this be supportive enough? Am I bouncing? Does the chest band strangle me? Am I accidentally producing my own live version of 'The Nips Show'? Will this seam line chafe? 

Less thought goes into our underpants.

Over the years I have learned that french knickers are a stunningly bad idea. I have learned that, unlike bedroom knickers, the more lace the WORSE things will go. I also know that you don't want cotton, much like for race tees. Cotton does not breathe well. If you sweat it will soak it all up and keep it next to the skin, which is inviting all kinds of problems. 

For running shorts, commando is my preferred possibility- built-in mesh pants give your genitals room to breathe. However, if you are a lady there will likely be many days in a year where you will want to wear pants, even if commando is your usual option. Built-in undies also seem to be shorts-specific. Some leggings have a gusset, but others have a nasty seam line Right. There. We all know that seam lines + No underwear = holy mother of god chafing. Additionally, if you don't wear undies you should really be washing your running bottoms every time. Every time?! Apparently science says that letting your bits bathe in sweat on multiple uses of the same sports bottoms is bad. Pah, science.

Men have commando issues too- when the boys run cross country you can very definitely spot some serious wang bounce (doesn't that hurt? It'd hurt with breasts); and I know that one of the reasons my S.O. never wears winter tights is that he thinks they give far too much ... ahem... crotch detail.

I do therefore wear pants with all my tights or capris (now you know). Until now I had always just used bargain-basement Primark pants, not anything run-specific. Then a few weeks ago, I received an email from Runderwear. Runderwear are a company which specialise in, funnily enough, running underwear for men and women. They kindly sent me their crop top+ and G-string+ to try out (I requested that the pants I received were not full coverage- I have a personal preference for smaller undies). They actually started as a sock company then expanded into underwear.

Cute little star on the back.

I immediately liked how soft they were out of the packaging- both items are made of  Polyamide and Elastane (8%). I was concerned about the G-String's sizing- the medium is definitely too small for me, and if I were to order again I would go for the large. However, they are really only too small aesthetically (they cut into my hip fat) not in comfort. They were so comfortable that I could not feel them at all. I kept wanting to check that I was indeed still wearing pants and had not been robbed by some kind of perverted magician. Looking at the construction I can see why- there is not a seam to be seen, and the material is double layered so if it does move it will move against itself, not your skin. 

Looks are less important but I also loved the design- Runderwear currently comes in black with teal accents and will be expanding into a turquoise line too. This is handy as teal is my favourite colour- black and teal will match all my stuff. The G-strings have a cheeky star on the butt and 'Don't run commando' printed on the inside of the waistband. If I am up a mountain, have an accident, then need to have all my clothes cut off me, the emergency personnel will be exceptionally impressed. I was once involved in an accident where the harmed party (naming no names) was wearing bright pink skull-printed boxer shorts. This person was not a teenage girl and found it a little embarrassing!

Or, y'know, DO. Your call really.

I was more conflicted about the bra top. It fits perfectly, and is very comfortable but seems a bit pointless for running underwear. There is not enough support to run with only this crop on. I asked the company about it's aimed function via twitter. They said that above a B cup they would suggest wearing another bra underneath the Runderwear item. I agree with this in terms of support... But then you you do not gain the benefit of the chafe-free material. It could be worn as a crop top over the bra, but does say 'Runderwear' on the front and covers little more than just my sports bra anyway. I don't think I would use it for running. 

I do however love wearing it for bouldering, during which I wear a lot of loose drop-side vests. I have also used it as a comfy bra-alternative on airplanes. Additionally, it's a great go-to for hiking (especially given the lack of seams for a pack to dig into) and other sports where support is not really an issue.

Image from Runderwear

Overall, Runderwear really are doing material right- its exceptionally comfortable stuff. If I were them I'd think more about the functionality of the bra, and if you order be careful with your sizing. I'll be ordering some more as it gets towards winter and I wear more tights than shorts, but it is an expensive way to safeguard your gusset. Then again, if there's any part of a body to look after, genitals have got to be up there. They also do women's underwear in a brief (and are bringing out a bikini brief), and men's underwear in boxers and briefs. 


What underwear do you wear to run, if any?

Have you ever tried Runderwear?

+ This cross marks pieces that Runderwear gifted me. They did not request posting or anything in exchange for the pieces, but I wanted to write about them because I hadn't ever written about running underwear. No links are affiliate. 


  1. Haven't tried Runderwear but have been wearing Kalenji running undies for years. I would not run commando on purpose :)

    1. I love the 'on purpose'- as if you may find yourself doing it accidentally ;-)! (I know what you mean though).

      I will need to check out Kalenji!

  2. ooooh I have read many reviews on this brand (generally all good) but what I like about your's is the honest reflection about bounce and sizing. Now, I'm only a A cup therefore I don't have 'bounce' issues but I absolutely hate tight underwear..
    I'm always commando in shorts (prob shouldn't write that online) and I love boy shorts for running tights etc :)

    1. Meh. I think the internet knows a LOT about commando running! Its the best in shorts :)

  3. This is a game changing read - I have never thought to run commando before! But I totally relate to all the problems of certain underwear types you've described. I'm totally going to try this out.

    1. DO IT. It will change your life. Just watch out for tights with labial seams- BAD idea to run commando wearing those.

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