19 Weeks to Go...

In July I wrote this post, about why I would quite like to do a marathon. Some things have changed since I wrote that post so long ago, some things have not.

One really big thing that's changed? I'm actually registered for a marathon now. I'm registered to run the Liverpool Rock n Roll Marathon on May 29th, 2016. Now 19 weeks seems terrifying, but 134 days slightly less so.

Photo credit: Radarsmum67 via Visualhunt / CC BY
I still want to prove that I can. I want to show myself what I'm capable of. To apply myself properly and scare myself a bit. And goddang it, I am afraid, although I am also excited. I've run some reasonable base training and now the real party starts. In my original post, I talk about raising money for charity. Now? Honestly I want to do it just for me. Is that selfish? I don't know. I can always raise money on the next marathon if I survive this experience.

So why Liverpool? Strange choice to pull out of a hat, especially after pondering so many Scottish marathons. Basically I really liked Liverpool when I visited in August. Its my kinda city. My co-marathon-trainee J mentioned it as an option, having also enjoyed visiting, and the idea grew on me. It seems like a good shout- lots of runners (so a fair number of finishers close to my self-estimated time) but not too many; music and a party atmosphere; flat-ish but not entirely (some rolling hills most notably 100ft around mile 7 and 140ft around mile 10-12); and some lovely scenery along the Mersey and in the parks. We are planning on making a weekend of it and really enjoying ourselves. 

And whats the plan? Well, I've done some base training over many weeks- up into 9 miles or so in a long run with no difficulties, running 3-4 times a week. Now the hard work starts.

I have a one long run a week, one recovery run (the day after the long run- learn to run on tired legs), one tempo, and one speed session or hill session. I know if I run a lot I am prone to injury, so the plan is to stick to 4 or even 3 run days (the recovery is the likely drop if that happens). I also have 2 days climbing a week (one bouldering, one top rope), and will do yoga on my two rest days.

Climbing isn't a common marathon plan addition, but I am unwilling to give it up and I am hoping it will help with all the squats and stretches it includes. I have also planned rehab/prehab exercises on all running days- squats some days, lunges, crab walk, foam rolling... and so on. I'm open to other suggestions as I am certainly no expert.

I'll be updating every four weeks in the run up to the marathon and may even vlog about it. Cross your fingers for me!


I'd love to hear everyone's feedback on my plan! 

Do you have good exercises for rehab/prehab? Any good stretches?

Let me know if you'd like to see vlogs or if you'd prefer I stick to writing? Would you watch them?

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  1. I would tend to agree with you about the running less - not everyone can run 6 out of 7 days without their body falling apart and half the battle in marathon training is getting to the start line! I have also included rehab in my plan....just now got to make sure I actually do it!

    I think you'll be fine - considering you've got up to 9 under your belt and plenty of time ahead - just be careful not to rush it and get over-excited by the longer distances!

    1. Yeap; I want to get to the starting line in rude health, not half falling apart!

  2. Very exciting! Your plan sounds good, I totally believe in the recovery runs after the long run, I always used to do about 7km easy the day after the long one.

    19 weeks is enough to train for a marathon so don't panic, just be aware that increased mileage might give you a few niggles so don't abandon yoga and roll/stretch calves and ankles a lot as they tend to get tight first with increased mileage and that can lead to shin pain (which is awful).

    And I'm sure you know not to increase your long run every week by more than 10% at a time :)

    1. Yes I know to be careful with the LR :-)! I know yoga is a priority, but gawds do I find it boring!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks for the feedback! I might make them just for me- to remember how it was!

  4. This is fantastic! I loved Liverpool last year. I got my marathon PB there. It's really well organised and such a great city to run round. You have more than enough time to train and 3-4 days running is perfectly fine. That's how I train and I think unless you're really going for a super fast time (over and beyond your current running capabilities and PB) then mileage doesn't have to be ridiculous.
    Just some random points while I have them on my mind:
    We parked in the main shopping centre area and that was super handy and close by (like a 5 minute walk to the race village) - though I think it was like £13, but as we went for lunch afterwards at Jamie's IN the shopping centre it was well worth it. Just make sure you get into the city early enough as they start closing roads off).
    There are PROPER toilets in the race area as the race area is set amongst a load of restaurants etc. They have some public toilets very handily nearby.
    I didn't really notice the hill at mile 7 but I definitely noticed the hill at mile 12. It's one of those "head down, focus on pumping the arms" moments but it's over fairly quickly. The final few miles are really flat and as long as there's not too much wind you'll fly.

    1. Thanks so much for the information! I might also message you after details closer to the time! We are staying in Liverpool, so hopefully no stress with parking etc :-)

  5. Yay exciting. Good luck with training. Plan seems sensible to me, I think running on tired legs is a great idea too, I've done it in previous ultra training and it does make a big difference later on in a race.

    1. Thanks Lauren, I trust your advice!