Love Yourself

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! What did you do on Sunday? Some of us may have celebrated in true Hallmark-cards-and-roses style, some of us may have had some wine with friends, some of us may have given the day zero thought. Me? Personally my partner and I don't really put much emphasis on Valentines Day, so instead I decided to dedicate this Valentines Day to Loving Myself. I essentially planned a great day doing all the things I want to do with a Sunday, and then adjusted my plans based on what I want to do at each exact moment. 

I started by sweating it out at a Sweaty Betty Make a Date with the Barre class. We received a Valentines gift- barre socks and a Pana chocolate bar- and chatted pre-class*. Then the pain started. I loved this class- so hard but so mind-consuming. Floor barre is composed of lots of tiny muscle contracting movements. Every time that I thought we were through and were free to stretch it out our teacher Katie moved on to torturing another minature muscle group. The whole class was accompanied by upbeat songs about love and girl power. There was a lot of Beyonce for one thing (who run the world? GIRLS). My abdominals today can confirm that they were working hard, it hurts even to turn to look at someone. We finished up with juices from Juice Garden. The store manager, Gavin, even popped in to teach us about their new options including the super tasty Black Lemonade and Pear & Mint**.

Katie and Robyn

Those colours!

I then refueled on the subway with a banana and my new Valentines chocolate, which was Wild Fig and Orange. Super tasty and surprisingly healthy- it's raw, vegan, and sugar free but still manages to melt in the mouth like classic dairy chocolate (very excited to try the mint one). Then I headed off for a long, slow run with a friend- leaving from the Botanic Gardens, running out to Mugdock Park on river, parks, then the trails of the West Highland Way. Yesterday was made for a run like this: Stunning trails under crisp blue skies. The distant beauty of snow on the Campsies. A couple of squares of melty chocolate I had kept to refuel on route. Lots of happy dogs bouncing around the country park. A toastie at the visitor centre whilst waiting for our lift home. Bliss. Check out my video to see some of the scenes that I saw.

I had planned to climb, but when I got home I was cold and bone tired. So instead I finished Valentines Day with a 4 hour nap with my partner, a bath, a Thai takeaway, and then an early night. I didn't even look at my work. That is what I needed yesterday.

Whether you love the song, hate the song, think it's an innocent girl power anthem, or think it's an ode to masturbation (hey, it's good for you); I'm sure we can all agree that a little more self love could go a long way. In the western world we are over-achieving, over-tired, over-stressed, over-concerned about our body image. It feels indulgent and sometimes arrogant in this climate to appreciate and take time for yourself physically and/or mentally. But it's essential. Your relationship with yourself is one of the most important ones you have- it impacts on all the other relationships you create. Maybe spend a day whenever you can focusing on what you want and need; whether those are physical needs or mental ones. Love Yourself.


What did you do on Sunday? 

When was the last time you had a day that was all yours?

* Note to the guy who bought his girlfriend awesome capris for Valentines Day: good call. She loved them, we all loved them, great pattern.
** I spotted him lurking outside during the class- he didn't want to disturb us all!

Post written by Scallywag and published on Scallywag Sprints on 15/02/16


  1. I can't even remember when I last had a day for myself, I should do something about that...
    We don't celebrate Valentine's day, so Sunday was absolutely normal - rest, walk the dogs, watch movies on Sky Valentine (I don't celebrate it, but I like romantic comedies). Back home in Romania, where we're from, we have a day similar to Valentine's day on the 24th this month. We chose this date for our civil ceremony, so this year we'll be celebrating our 1 year anniversary.

    1. You should take a day! Or even a half day!

      Sounds like a nice day, and I hope you enjoy the 24th!

  2. Valentine's Day was a non-event for me this year. To be honest even when I was with someone it wasn't really a big event to me. It's a bit cheesy and cliché. Plus it's my dad's birthday so there's always that being celebrated. This year I was in Wales with family so it didn't actually cross my mind! But I agree, loving yourself is so important. You can't love others if you can't first love yourself.

    1. It definitely is a cliché! Glad you had a cool vacation this year!