TrailFest 2 - Building the Dream

Image taken by Full Course Trails.
Last Saturday 15th October was TrailFest2, the second annual trail running festival held at Mugdock Park. TrailFest2 was effing awesome.

Us volunteers arrived at 8am sharp to man the Hoka OneOne registration tent. I loved doing registration- it allows you to say hello to everyone (and check out all the cool leggings around). I did think it was funny how many attendees mentioned being slightly injured when given their race number- standard runner chat! Attendees got a cool goody bag in addition to their Mugdock Mile race number. Volunteers also received a rocking goody bag- a TrailFest buff, Hoka One One running hat, and Bam bamboo running socks. My S.O. thinks the hat is obnoxious as hell (it's bright blue and neon yellow). I both agree and bloody love it.

The morning TrailFIT Sessions started at 9am but I was busy greeting people; so at 10am I headed to my first session- Strength and Conditioning with Casey Morgan. Casey is intimidatingly in shape. This is going to sound dumb but between the skin tight compression gear, the shaved head, and the gym-honed muscle, he looks precisely like a professional athlete. The session was actually very similar to the North Face sessions: focusing on glutes and hamstrings, core control, and single leg isolation. Nice to know that the strength training I'm doing is the right sort. Sadly it bucketed it down during this session, typical Glasgow. However, most attendees were still super up for it and the all-in-it-together atmosphere helped.

Pre-Consani run stretch. Image taken by Full Course Trails
Yoga in the rain. Image taken by Full Course Trails
I had a ten-minute gap until Navigation with Gary Tompsett. Now, half the joy of this session was just to meet Gary. What an interesting man, with a rare and amazing mind. He's the race organizer for Deerstalker, Rat Race, and the Glencoe Skyline Series (among others). This session was all about how to navigate without relying on maps. Gathering information about your route using every sense, retaining that information, and using it to retrace your steps or to inform map reading. He also championed more modern navigation- particularly Suunto watch maps and GPS devices. Basically, it's good to know how to read a map, to carry one, to know how to use a compass and your step count. But it's also more adaptive to be able to intuitively navigate and use technology, especially if moving quickly over the ground.

Navigation chat. Image taken by Full Course Trails
Then it was time for the Hoka OneOne Mugdock Mile. I was taking photos so didn't run however it looked like a fun little route. It was surprisingly under-participated so I'd heartily encourage everyone to do it next year. Gary Tompsett and Rachel Newstead thundered in to take the top places and break the ribbon. The prize was awesome- a free pair of Hokas for the first man and woman!

Gary already having fun.

During the lunch break, I milled around, grabbing the food I'd packed and a hot chocolate from Charlies on site. We volunteers thought about doing the Strava 5k course but ultimately ran out of time. Instead we headed to look at the expo. I bought a copy of Scottish Trail Running and looked into OMM jackets. Gorgeous but pricey. I guess you get what you pay for. I'm still considering one using the TrailFest2 Find Your Adrenaline discount. The lovely Mirelle was also there, looking as gorgeous as ever with her sexy Brazilian leggings. Hoka One One also had a table full of shoes to try out for any run.

King of the Mile.
Queen of the Mile. Image taken by Full Course Trails
The afternoon was the TrailHEROES: Inspirational Speaker Programme. We started with a Q & A with  Marco Consani, Debbie Martin-Consani, and Casey Morgan. They fielded the typical questions about nutrition, training, and fitting it all in around a hectic life. The Consanis have jobs and a child and their answer for fitting it in is to just not give yourself an excuse. Calendar it, then just do it. A pertinent reminder.

I loved Gary's talk about being an Architect of (crazy) Adventure. He thinks in a really unique way, and I love that he allows competitors to hold their own responsibilities for their safety and choices. Lucja discussed the success of her 500k in 5 days run with Marina Ranger. Inspirational women! Sophie Mullins gave a really touching raw talk about her struggles with her health and trying to achieve at a high level. James Stewart gave a hilarious talk on how he went from overweight jogger in 2011 to West Highland Way winner this year. He really inspired me to plan my year, expect a full post on that soon! Beardy impressed us all with photos of the breath-taking (and scary) Tromso Skyline. Still desperately jealous that he hung out with Emelie and Kilian...

Jo introducing the speaker programme.

Beardy describes some epic and desperate ground.

Trailfest2 finished under a canopy of fairy lights in the forest, just a few like-minded folk left chatting about trails and mountains and snacking on aid station-themed nibbles.

TrailFest2 was a genuine expression of enthusiasm for the outdoors. Whether they were pros or casual runners it was just a group of people sharing a love of something. If I could do the day over I would have grabbed a run with one of the Consanis, and done both the 5k Strava run with a pair of Hokas on and the Mugdock mile. However the day I did have was close to perfect. Don't believe me? Check out this video by Full Course Trails:

TrailFest2 'Building The Dream' from TrailFest on Vimeo.

It was inspiring to hear about how the speakers have built their dreams up from the ground. From poor health to 100k success. From everyday jogger to West Highland Way winner. From a crazy idea to a popular race. It was inspiring to be part of Jo and Ryan's dream- TrailFest- which is building every year.

I hope to see you next year. 

I know the founders of TrailFest and wanted to get involved in promoting the festival. They didn't ask for this blog post, I just wanted to write about the day. All volunteers, including myself, received a free entry to the sessions and films. My opinions are always honest and I only promote products and events I truly believe in. I believe in TrailFest. 

Post written by Scallywag and published on Scallywag Sprints on 25/10/16


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